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What happens if you have a car accident without auto insurance?

Personal and commercial car insurance is absolutely essential for any vehicle owner, as well as being legally obligatory in most states. It serves to protect you in cases of accidents and emergencies, covering the many costs that can come along with the average collision, and with six million accidents occurring...


Want to Save Money on Company Car Insurance? Listen Up!

One of the best perks you can offer your employees is a company car (or at least access to a company car). At the same time, buying car insurance for a fleet of cars can be incredibly expensive. To keep it from bankrupting you, try the following tips. Buy the...


Bundle Your Insurance Needs for Better Savings

Bundle Your Insurance Needs for Better Savings Whether you are a business owner and consumer or just the latter, you typically are looking for the best products and services at the most affordable prices. Keeping that theme in mind, do you truly know how to shop for the best deals...