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5 Reasons Why Customer Support is So Important?

There are so many things that you would have to spend money on as someone that is running a business that it can be tempting to dispense with those things that might not seem to be immediately gratifying or beneficial. Customer support is one such thing, but it is important...


How Do You Manage Your Small Business Brand Reputation Online

Opening a small business can be fairly easy as anyone who has done so would readily testify. Small entrepreneurs can get crowdfunding or some venture capital. However, most entrepreneurs in the Philippines depend upon personal resources while launching a small business. This is mainly because capital in the Philippines is...


Brand Reputation Costs $200,000 to Repair

Over half (57%) of companies admit that the information security incidents they experienced in the last year had a negative impact on their reputation. The average cost incurred per incident by small and medium-sized businesses was more than $8,000, while the damage to enterprises exceeded $200,000. These were the findings...