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Genesis Block gold and silver round coin

What is a Genesis Block?

Cryptocurrency is a peer-to-peer currency system that works on a decentralized ledger system. This currency is designed to meet the needs of the digital era. The blockchain ledger technology provides cryptocurrency an advantage over the traditional ledger system that is used in banks and other financial institutions. The traditional ledger...

crypto libra three round gold-colored bitcoins

Why Facebook’s Crypto Libra Might Never Become A Reality?

Introduction There are very few things, which Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg has been unsuccessful in his brief lifetime. From taking Facebook to meteoric heights to successfully negotiating billion-dollar takeovers of anything he considered as his rival, the tech tycoon has done it all. While many applaud the vision of Facebook’s...


5 Popular tips to investing in cryptocurrency

There is a new wave of digital currency that’s causing all the rage in various circles around the globe. Cryptocurrency is a unique type of virtual currency that has been hitting the news recently. Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency – it was the first to be established back in...