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A Guide to Day Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

The text is based on years of expertise gained by researchers and experts and is meant to assist day investors to manage the digital currency industry with discipline and assurance. One should look at a variety of basic, analytical, and cognitive trading strategies to help people understand brief investing during...

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Comparison between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Bitcoin was traded in 2009 for the first time. At that time, you could buy for less than one cent one of the latest digital tokens. While there has been uncertainty over the years, prices have steadily risen and reached almost $42,000 every time in January 2021. Ethereum launched less...

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Where to Buy Ethereum Classic: Find the Best Solutions

In the modern digitalized world, you can’t but deal with various crypto currencies. Their main aim is to eliminate the necessity to use a credit or debit card. They make it easier and more convenient to transfer funds instantly and directly without an obligatory third party. It’s not only a...

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The top 3 ways that trading software can increase your success

Trading has evolved dramatically over the last one-and-a-half decades and currently, anyone can execute trades from just about anywhere in the globe. Everyone has his preferences over what market to trade from, whether it be cryptos, forex, options, energies, and stock. As it stands, cryptocurrency trading is the latest entrant...


3 Reasons to choose Ethereum for your next investment

Investing in your future is a good idea. Many choose to invest in their employer’s 401k or in a Roth IRA or other form of investment without knowing much about either option. In fact, it is quite alarming how many people choose to invest in something that they know nothing...


5 Popular tips to investing in cryptocurrency

There is a new wave of digital currency that’s causing all the rage in various circles around the globe. Cryptocurrency is a unique type of virtual currency that has been hitting the news recently. Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency – it was the first to be established back in...