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Seven Important Things To Teach Your Children About Finances

Seven Important Things To Teach Your Children About Finances By Joseph Kenny Starting your children off with a right view of finances is so important these days – especially when debt seems to be a common way of life for so many. Who knows if the young parents of today...


47 Tips To Save Money at Home Everyday

Saving money is something we would all like to do especially at home. There are many small changes that you can make around your home that can add up to big savings. You will be amazed of how big the savings you can make doing these tips. And not only...


Tips to help you manage your funds in college

Actionable Tips to Help You Manage Your Finances in College If you are not an executive student at college footing your own bills from the abundance of your fat salary, then you should mind how you spend your little finances. Therefore, our finance advisers at dissertify.com will share with you...


Get Plugged-in on How to Save Money

In a day and age when many consumers are battling to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, what are you doing in an attempt to save money? For millions of Americans, that question presents a touch of anxiety on a monthly basis. With good-paying jobs oftentimes hard to find,...


The Importance Of Saving Money For Teenagers

Teenage is a very important stage in a person’s life. It is at this age group that the teenagers get distracted and make hell a lot of mistakes. They have to be taught about the importance of cultivating good habits at such a young age itself. It can be said...


The Secret Of Saving Money

The Secret Of Saving Money By Joseph Kenny Commitment, along with patience, is very essential if you want to save money in a profitable manner. It is essential to save while you can, to avoid panicking in a sudden emergency. Money saved is a security that only adds to your...


5 Strategies to Teach Your Children About Saving Money

Teaching your children financial skills is critical for their future. 80% of parents believe that their children are being taught personal money matters in school, yet 90% of high school students and 87% of college students say that whatever they know about money they learn from their parents. Among parents...


5 Strategies to Teach Your Children About Saving Money

Not sure where to start in talking to you kids about money? You’re not alone. But, much like teaching your kids to look both ways before crossing the street, managing money, is a parental responsibility that safeguards kids’ future. Good habits start early in life and the savings habit brings...