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5 Different Insurance You Can Acquire as a Tradesman

The trade and construction sector contains some of the highest risk occupations in Australia, with injuries and death happening regularly. Regardless of your trade, investing in the appropriate insurance cover is essential for protecting you or your business from different kinds of claims. Having the right cover allows you to...

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Business Owners Quick Guide to Insurance

To support your business financially during hard times, you will need to buy insurance. There is a wide selection of the types of insurance you can consider for your business. While there are different types of insurance for businesses, each one of them is made to protect your business to...


Want to Save Money on Company Car Insurance? Listen Up!

One of the best perks you can offer your employees is a company car (or at least access to a company car). At the same time, buying car insurance for a fleet of cars can be incredibly expensive. To keep it from bankrupting you, try the following tips. Buy the...


How to Start a Roofing Business

Roofing is a business that can supply a steady flow of income, due to the fact that most every house has a roof, and roofs generally need repairs from time to time. If you are experienced in roofing and do not mind the labor, you can earn a good income...


Why do you need to understand medical malpractice insurance?

There was a time when physicians were always right, and there was no way to refute their diagnosis. With the advent of the internet and several medical awareness sites, even the untrained person has some knowledge of diseases, diagnostics, antibiotics, and other treatment procedures. On the one hand, it is...


6 Reasons to Start Your Own Dance Studio

Starting a business of any type can be a very daunting task. After all, you need a business plan, tax identification number, business license and employees. It requires finding a suitable location and advertising. So why should anyone consider opening their own dance studio? The reasons are many. • Owning...


Does Selling Insurance Mean You Need to be a Salesperson?

Are you interested in being an insurance agent but aren’t too fond of the whole “selling” aspect? Unfortunately, many career paths do involve some sort of sales, whether you venture into the financial field, the business field or even the medical field. Businesses are all about growth and in order...