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A Guide to Day Trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

The text is based on years of expertise gained by researchers and experts and is meant to assist day investors to manage the digital currency industry with discipline and assurance. One should look at a variety of basic, analytical, and cognitive trading strategies to help people understand brief investing during...


5 Tips and Trends in Cryptocurrency Trading in 2018

2017 was a colossal year for crypto traders as the price of Bitcoin, the pioneer virtual currency, soared from a value of approximately $1000 in January to roughly $19000 by the close of December 2017. This marked an average 1800% increase in value. The consistent mount in value was also...


5 Popular tips to investing in cryptocurrency

There is a new wave of digital currency that’s causing all the rage in various circles around the globe. Cryptocurrency is a unique type of virtual currency that has been hitting the news recently. Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency – it was the first to be established back in...