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Example of a phishing website gathering credit card details

And the malware goes to…

Popular films gain the attention of cybercriminals, no less than movie fans, with the Oscars in the calendar only upping the stakes. To better understand how cybercriminals try to capitalize on our interest in high-profile movies, Kaspersky researchers looked into the prevalence of such scams. With over 20 phishing websites...

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Malware hides behind top music award nominees

Cybercriminals are actively exploiting the names of artists and songs nominated for Grammy 2020 awards, to spread malware. Kaspersky protection technologies detected a 39% rise in attacks (attempts to download or run malicious files) under the guise of nominees’ works in 2019, compared to 2018. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and...


How Can Malware Impact Your Business?

Malware is the use of software to infiltrate computers and online sources. Everyone has heard of hackers and identity thieves who have invaded people’s email accounts, personal accounts and e-commerce websites. Your business suffers losses in money, privacy and trust when this event happens. Here are a handful of ways...


Amount of malware targeting smart devices more than doubled in 2017

The total number of malware samples targeting smart devices has reached more than 7,000, with over half of these emerging in 2017, according Kaspersky Lab’s researchers. With over 6 billion smart devices being used across the globe, people are increasingly being put at risk from malware targeting their connected lives....