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How to Make Solid Perfume (Home Business)

Solid perfume has been around since the early years of perfumery. In fact, English women had used it as pomanders–perfume in containers used as pendants. Solid perfume is light, does not spill, long-wearing and not greasy. It is also alcohol-free, which makes it good for people who have sensitive skin....


Bvulgari Omnia Amethyste

posted by chescagarcia | Distributors Offered | P1700.00 | 0 post We are selling 100% authentic TESTER perfumes from the U.S. Tester perfumes comes with the same exact bottle with cap but comes on a different box or packaging. We have perfumes that are also available on its original packaging but let us know for the availability. [ Bvulgari Omnia Amethyste ]


How To Earn P5k With Only P1k Capital

If you’re looking for a profitable business with low capital, this one is for you! With only P1,000 start-up amount, you can choose different packages of scents and perfumes that you can offer to your relatives, officemates, friends, in the net or everyone! Our products includes Authentic Branded Singapore Perfumes...