Top 5 mobile app development trends in 2020

Mobile app development trends keep changing frequently and still very much in demand. The developing interest for mobile applications has additionally brought about a board enthusiasm for mobile application advancement. Mobile apps help organizations create brand awareness, boost customer engagement, reduce costs, and increase sales. For improved mobile apps and more effective technology, people would be more relaxed for possibilities for new solutions. The future of mobile apps indeed looks brighter than ever. In 2020, many innovative mobile app development trends will see daylight and simplify our lives.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence or AI in short – is a technology that allows computers to think and behave like the way human do.  AI uses machine learning (ML) to mimic human intelligence.

Now-a-days, Artificial Intelligence has become one of the biggest trends in mobile app development. AI is changing the world when it comes to developing mobile apps for businesses. There are a lot of things that make big difference in mobile app with AI, like collection of user data by analyzing the user behavior, AI based predictive text technology for Mobile Apps, location based suggestions in mobile app etc. Be it Chabot’s or face recognition and detection Ai has revolutionized concepts in mobile application development.

Adapting to mobile apps will be more competitive and more productive in the future. Thus, the future Mobile Apps are surely going to be much more powerful with the help of Artificial Intelligence and very soon, AI will become the core foundation of mobile application development.

Internet of Things (IoT):

The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices. The internet of things includes wide variety of smart devices. These devices use Internet protocol (IP), the same protocol that identifies computers over the World Wide Web and allows them to communicate with one another.

Mobile app developers will also have the option to utilize IoT in various sectors. The integration of IoT into some of the essential industries will have a long lasting impact on delivery. The demand for IoT-enabled apps will increase simultaneously; thus, included in our list of the top mobile app development trends 2020.

The best example of the integration of mobile apps with IoT is Smart Home System. All the major systems in a house like security, lighting, heating, air conditioning etc are intelligent which means, they are programmed to receive instructions from the users in the house and respond accordingly.

Mobile Wallet:

Those days are gone when you had to carry heavy wallet in your pocket. Over the last few years, mobile payments have grown exponentially. A mobile wallet is an app on your android/IOS mobile phone device that stores payment information from a credit card or debit card. These apps allow you to use your device to make payments. Some major mobile wallets apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are trending upwards these days. In short, use of mobile app wallet will grow significantly in coming years.

5G Technology:

The next generation advancement in telecom network is 5G, which operates at higher radio frequencies. 5G technology is not only going to be one of the top mobile app development trends but also, it will be of great significance in 2020 and beyond.

5G technology caters to a lot of possibilities to explore new ways to manage networks. 5G networks promise to strengthen mobile connectivity and improve the smartphone experience for users by delivering faster data sharing, with connectivity speeds that reach approximately 10 gigabits per second. 5G brings faster speed for mobile app developers and it draws a host of new possibilities for mobile apps development.

5G network will provide faster connectivity up to 100x faster than 4G with an improved user experience that will penetrate advanced technologies into mobile.

Cloud based mobile apps:

Cloud based technology helps to store a massive amount of data in mobile phones. Cloud based mobile app development can change the scenario and offer a user a great experience. Cloud-based apps are easy to develop and maintain. Additionally, they can be better than the native apps in many situations. Apart from that, cloud based apps can grab other benefits such as keeping app size small, managing the bandwidth, and so on.

Block chain technology:

Block chain is the technology through which crypto currencies and information can be shared. It is growing massively to help mobile app development companies create innovation in the service industry. Block chain mobile app development trend is drawing the attention of various industries including bank, finance, health, hospitality, retail and many more. It removes the need for a centralized third party, ultimately improves efficiency, security, and reliability for many industries. Many payment apps are already using this technology for ensuring secure and faster transactions. Blockchain will stay in vogue in 2020 and ahead.

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