How to Create a Play Area for Your Condo

The Fort condos for sale aren’t necessarily family ready. Most of them aren’t sold child proofed so you have to childproof it yourself. One of the things that don’t come with condominiums are children’s play areas in the unit, and you have to make one for yourself too. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your living space.


Turn the walls into a giant canvas

Kids LOVE drawing on walls, and no matter how many times you tell them no, they’ll still grab that box of crayons or markers, or even their mom’s lipstick, and draw on the walls. Look at what you already have: a separate room for the kids or their own bedroom. Why not turn one wall of the room into a large drawing wall? Find some material that crayon or markers can be easily washed off of, glue that to the wall, and let your children draw as much as they want. It’s not a good idea to use chalkboard since the dust will accumulate and your child might get sick. Or if you don’t want to waste that much space on a drawing wall, use a large roll of recycled paper mounted on the wall. This way, your child can draw on the paper that’s on the wall, which is pretty much the same thing. Tear off the used part when they’re done, and a fresh sheet to be drawn on is ready for them. Not only will they not be drawing on the rest of the house, they’ll be having fun!

Create a fenced area for a playpen

If you have toddlers, and you have to do many more things around the house or catch up with some work, it’s troublesome to keep them on your lap or on your back on a baby sling while you work. Set up some fences, or a playpen, in a part of the house where you can keep an eye on them. This way, you can do your work, they can play, and they won’t be crawling to parts of the house where they can get hurt. Your fenced area can contain mats, which small desks and chairs they can use if ever they turn their attention to coloring instead of their toys. A chest might also be useful so that you can clear up the mess after they play, or you can teach them to clear up after themselves when they’re done.

Turn an unused space into a playroom

If you have a room in the condo that you don’t use, turn that into a playroom. Not only can this help you keep toys out of your bedroom and their bedroom, but you can also turn this into other functional rooms for the children in the future. You can add desks for when they’re ready to learn, or whiteboards to help you in teaching them. This way, they can learn through play, and this can help reinforce what you’re teaching. You can decorate them with colorful paint, pictures on the walls, and graphic carpets, and even add in some bookshelves and beanbags.

Use these tips and you can maximize your space without sacrificing much of the space you are already using.


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