Pro Tips for Saving a Struggling Business

Right now, lots of businesses are struggling. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted not just small businesses but big, global names, too – showing that no one is invincible. Even those that make millions of profit every year have felt the ramifications of this pandemic.

Couple this with the fact that pre-COVID, the world of business was already filled to the limit with competition and difficulties, and it’s hardly surprising that there are currently so many businesses struggling. Whether you’re a start-up who can’t get things off the ground in the COVID environment or an established name who’s been hit by hard times, don’t worry – help is here! There’s no quick fix, but these pro tips are a sure-fire way to help your business start winning as the world battles to return to normality.

1. Make big savings on gas prices

One of the main costs that businesses face is energy. Running any premises, be it an office, garage, or hair salon, isn’t cheap – so it’s important that you compare business gas prices to see who you can save the most money with. The money saved from choosing a better provider will seriously bolster your finances moving forward, as those creative business thoughts and ideas that you have will now be able to be funded!

2. Set frequent, achievable goals

Struggling businesses are often directionless – from one year to the next, they don’t know where their target destination is. Setting frequent goals – quarterly and annually – will ground you in the basics of business and steer you in the right direction. For every goal achieved, you’ll have a clear indicator that you’re making progress.

These goals will vary depending on your type of business and industry. For example, if you sell preowned books online, you might set the annual goal of selling 2000 books and gaining 500 subscribers to your monthly book service.

3. Redesign your website

Your website is the ‘new era’ storefront, where consumers come to gain impressions of your business and learn about your brand. It’s the focal point of your digital marketing efforts, and must therefore be both high-quality and informative.

Now (as you probably know), making an amazing website is not easy. If you don’t have any web designers employed at your business, it means that you will need to outsource the job of designing your website to a 3rd party.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of web designers available at low prices. This gives you the opportunity to scout the different web designers online, paying careful attention to their reviews, prices, and portfolio, to then decide who is best for you.

4. Work with the new generation of creatives

Currently, there are a wide range of Gen Z and millennial creatives coming through, from university graduates to apprentices. It’s important that you attempt to employ some of them to gain access to their enthusiasm and fresh ideas. It could be the boost that your business needs as you move forward.

5. Incentivize the customer

In 2021, customers are looking for an incentive. There are a whole host of businesses to choose from, so what are you offering them that no one else is? You need to market this through your branding. Try and nail down a unique (or creative) feature of your products that customers will like, and let them know all about it. If you don’t provide the incentive, customers won’t come.

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