What Makes a Car Last Longer

Every car owner needs to take care of their car and maintaining it even depends on the type of car you own. Let’s say you own a Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines, there are certain preventive measures you need to do in order to make it last longer. SUVs does not need too much repairs or so, while some sedans require more maintenance. All in all, it just depends on how you use it and the number of years you’ve been driving it. Indicated here are a few tips on what makes a car last longer.

Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Doing quarterly check-ups

Going to your car manufacturer or local repair shop to check whether there’s something wrong with your car is a mandatory task to do on a quarterly basis. With this, you will be able to do preventive measures if ever there are small problems already or soon to be damages on your car. It’s best to be sure about all parts of your car before driving around to cities or to the provinces. Check your mirrors as well whether they are all adjustable or seeable as they are crucial car parts to have a safe drive.

Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Replacing and repairing parts

Once you’ve done the check up for your car, do some necessary repairing and replacing for the parts you need to change. This happens once you’ve used it too much, such as the tires, wipers, and light bulbs which are needed to be replaced already. The parts that usually require repairing or refueling are the engine, some bolts of the car, air-conditioning, and others you’ve noticed that needs to be changed already.

Changing the fluids

If you’ve noticed that some parts of your car requires some refueling in the fluids, change them up or resupply them already. Some of the fluids a car needs are the gas (which should evidently be refilled weekly!), wiper fluid, engine water, and so much more. A driver must know all these requirements for their car and should be aware for all the provisions of one’s car.


Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Photo courtesy of www.pexels.com

Drive safely

This is practically the most important reminder for all drivers – always drive safely. After checking everything previously stated above and ensuring your car is good to go, remember to follow all the rules and regulations as you drive along the streets and major highways. Avoid bumping into barricades, walls, sidewalks, and especially people. Keep in mind also the proper ways to drive like using the brakes if needed or when you step on the pedal to accelerate. There are a lot of necessities in order to become a good driver. Never forget to be one!

Owning a car requires various responsibilities, just think of your car as your own child you have to nurture and spend on in order to preserve its life. Exert extreme caution while you use your car. Consider your car as your best friend, because they will be with you in times of happiness and trouble, so treat them as someone you want to be with for a long time!

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