Awesome Career Paths That May Peak Your Interest

In 2021 we are living in a new age of career paths, and they are only evolving further. Research tells us that the kids of today will likely work in jobs that are not yet around. Ask any 9-year-old what they want to be when they grow up and they will often tell you, a “Youtuber ” or “professional gamer”. Both of which are careers that exist today but we’re not even in the realm of possibility 2 decades ago. The world is changing rapidly, and so too are the jobs shifting. The research also tells us that Millenials will change career paths on an average of 5 times in their working lives. So while the traditional job roles still exist (and rightly so) like your doctors, lawyers, teachers, and bankers, modern-day careers are becoming even more fascinating, current, dynamic, and adaptive. That said, there is still a great need for these jobs, as well as some others such as trade work, all of which are still entirely necessary and in demand.

With the evolving of jobs and the importance assigned to people’s career choices, so is the perception of what is a ‘good job’ shifting. Almost gone are the days where you needed to have a college education to be successful. With the shift in access and affordability to online learning, more and more people are upskilling themselves and becoming more qualified. This conversation is going to explore a handful of career paths that you might not even have known exist, or considered, as well as spark your interest and intrigue. Hopefully, this can also serve as some inspiration for those who feel that the working world looks and seems boring and stagnant. There are some epic jobs out there, let’s dive into what some of those are.

Blue Collar Jobs For The Win!

More and more folk doing ‘blue collar’ jobs around the world are reminding us that their roles are still needed and not going away any time soon. There is a constant demand for these types of services and they can make a decent, comfortable living out of this work. Your typical blue-collar jobs include your plumbers, welders, electricians, manual laborers, and agricultural workers, etc. This type of work is physically intensive, but contractors are often self-employed and build up a good reputation among clients and thus businesses can do well. For more information on how you can make a go of an awesome career in this industry, bluecollarbrain.com/how-to-become/welder/ tells us how one can enter the job market as a successful welder. In Australia, for instance, ‘tradies’ as these laborers are known, earn well above the average wage per hour, making a comfortable income. They are in demand because there is a shortage of their skills, so they can determine their own rates, work their own hours and retain a comfortable following. Sound like a promising option?


Digital Nomad Life

Becoming a digital nomad is another option and somewhat easy transition since it is great whether you want to start a side-gig or make a complete change. There are free courses by Facebook and Google on how to create and manage advertisement campaigns. So if you are a social media fan – why not turn scrolling, liking, and posting into your job? If you can run social media ad campaigns and know how to create websites on content management systems (like WordPress) and set up Pay Per Click and search ads, you can effectively get someone’s business online and start your own digital marketing agency. The ideal thing about going this route is that you can operate entirely remotely as well as design your own flexible schedule. There’s no need to learn how to code, however, that would be a great idea too. Let’s explore more on that below.

AI Is The Future

Because the future is going to be dominated by technology, why not choose a career in it? Jobs like software engineers, data scientists, machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts are only going to become increasingly sought-after skills and professions to have. The future ‘tradie’ might be someone who knows how to fix robots! In fact, there are a number of jobs in this field already, such as a robotics technician, robotics operator, and robotics engineer. If computers are your thing, well then there’s an idea.


Awesome career paths are all around us, in both traditional and less traditional roles. Times are changing and so are the types of skills needed. That said, there is still great value and need for careers that have stood the test of time. Perhaps this discussion has intrigued you and prompted you to consider and explore some unconventional jobs, or not, depending on your preferences and personality. 

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