Five alternative, out-of-classroom career opportunities in the education sector

Think ‘education’, and most people immediately jump to thoughts of teachers and classrooms, but, in truth, the learning sector has multiple other interesting career options to offer.

As you might imagine, educational establishments don’t just run themselves, and there is a considerable team of back-up roles that are essential for the smooth operation of schools, colleges, and universities – including out-of-curriculum activities. Sure, at the sharp end of education is the teaching of students (that is, after all, its raison d’être), but that shouldn’t diminish from the numerous other essential roles that are required.

Here are five alternative careers in education you might want to consider if you want to be involved in the sector yet stay away from the front line:

Director of related services

Directors in education tend to provide support services to teachers and administrators to help improve the learning experience of students. If you take the example of a university (particularly one with accommodation on campus), you’ll normally find the establishment will employ a director of student services, tasked directly with the well-being, satisfaction, and happiness of students – though clearly not directly linked in a teaching capacity. Numerous courses now exist to help you break into these types of positions, including online SDL certification courses.

Marketing, PR and publicity

The world of education has changed dramatically in recent years, and while the teaching of students will always remain the priority for most institutions, education is now very much a business with establishments competing against each other to maintain student numbers. Working in the marketing, PR or publicity department of a college will allow you to craft the front-facing image of the business while also letting you release your creative side to positively impact its branding.

Start a tutoring company

Despite their value to society, teachers in many countries don’t command the highest of wages. By starting your own tutoring company, you could soon find you’re earning considerably more than your counterparts – while also enjoying the better work/life balance which comes as part of being your own boss. Employing a team of teachers to work under you will allow you to concentrate more on the growth and promotion of your firm. 

Design and create materials for an education-based company

Curricular materials don’t just appear out of nowhere – they’re designed behind the scenes by teams of artists, designers, programmers, and lecturers with experience of teaching. These materials include everything from course books to websites and interactive learning tools. It’s also worth noting many of these positions can be done on a part-time basis and often online – meaning you could still hold down your current job while taking the leap into this sector.

Think about setting up an after-school club or activities group

The best way to get started in this area is to work with an established firm first to find your feet, then think about expanding to your own operation. After-school clubs are common for everything from sports to curricular subject support to help students that are falling behind. With parents so busy these days with work and other responsibilities, very often, schools will allow you to run your club inside their premises to save kids leaving school before their parents can come to collect them.

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