Five Benefits of Studying Graphic Arts

If you’re a visually creative person, you may already have some good artistic direction. Maybe you know how to sketch, draw, or paint, or perhaps you’ve already taught yourself some basic photoshop skills, but studying graphic arts could provide amazing opportunities for further development and growth as an artist. It could also give you interesting career prospects. Here are five benefits of studying graphic arts at college:

1) Gain Software Expertise

An aspect of graphic arts that can feel daunting or difficult to newbies is the huge variety of highly technical software that you’ll need to master. Software can be prohibitively expensive to purchase and difficult to get to grips with if you don’t have specific training.

By studying for a BA in Graphic Arts Marian University Wisconsin, you’ll not only learn to use a range of technology to turn your ideas into real images; you’ll also gain the skills and know-how you need to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

2) Master the Principles of Design

Being a talented graphic designer means you need to get to grips with the principles of design. It’s not just about being a technically gifted artist, and it’s not enough to be artistically unique in your work. You need to combine technique with artistry, all the while catering to what people find visually agreeable.

Depending on your desired career, this could mean emphasizing different aspects of design. If you want a job in advertising, for example, you need to create designs that will convince people to buy something. If you want to design logos for companies, you need your designs to convey a message about those companies.

In a graphic arts degree, you will learn about combining the technical and artistic aspects of graphic art with elements of marketing, advertising, writing, and even photography.

3) Broaden Your Horizons

Graphic arts degree programs usually encompass both digital and manual art skills to help you broaden your horizons and enlarge your understanding of the world of art.

You could take life drawing classes, ceramics or sculpture workshops, or a photography course. You could also study art history to develop a fuller understanding of art and how people have experienced it at various times and places. It’s all on offer to allow you to take a more interdisciplinary approach to graphic art.

4) Form a Network

Another huge benefit of studying at a college is the opportunity to build a network. You’ll be spending time with people who want to work in a similar field, and this can be incredibly helpful when it comes to looking for job opportunities once you’ve graduated.

5) Learn the Art of Communication

Studying for a degree also allows you to develop essential skills beyond the specifics of your course, and communication is one of these. One of the most important skills required for almost any career is communication.

Whether it’s written text to persuade someone to hire you (on your résumé, for example), an email to communicate visual ideas to clients before you make a mockup of a design, or simply a conversation with a colleague, effective communication is an essential part of a career in graphic arts. You’ll develop this skill during a graphic arts degree.

Taking a graphic arts degree has so many benefits. You’ll develop your artistry and numerous other skills, and you’ll be in a good position to find a graphic design career once you’ve graduated. Think about it!

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