Price Fluctuations of Bitcoin throughout history

It has been known quite widely in the world of cryptocurrency that the value of bitcoin undergoes a large number of changes. This is because it is mostly a new form of currency that is being introduced into the world. Among every kind of cryptocurrency which is available in the world. Bitcoin is often assumed to be the one that has the largest price deviations through history because of many events.

 There have been many rallies and crashes related to bitcoin in the near past as well. Many of the experts have compared the rise and fall in the value of cryptocurrency with the fad with Beanie Babies during the 1980s. There is a reason for the price alterations which are seen in the case of Bitcoin throughout history.

Initial fluctuations in prices

The enthusiasm of the dealers is measured with the price fluctuations in the values of bitcoins. The dissatisfaction with the promise made by Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin can also be assessed with the volatility of the purchase. Cryptocurrency has not been accepted as a mainstream currency till now.

The steam traction is increasing as the store of value and hedge against inflation are being addressed. Each of these factors tends to influence the bitcoin price changes all over history. You can check these out at the link as well for classified information about cryptocurrency!

For most of the part, the people who have been associated with the history of Bitcoin have called it a bumpy journey throughout the day. There are certain periods in which the changes in prices are related directly to the volatile swings in the overall prices. This can cause a large number of price bubbles as well. The plague which is caused by cryptocurrency to the ecosystem of finance is also responsible for the overall changes in the values.

Changes in prices from 2011 to 2020

The very first instance of this price swing was seen in the year 2011. The value of bitcoin which was placed at $1 jumped straight up to $32 within a single month between April and June. The values changed 3200% within three months. This sharp rise was followed by a dark downfall as well. The value came down to $2 by November of the same year.

There was a marginal recovery in the prices sometime later in the next year. 2013 was one of the years which was quite decisive for the people handling bitcoins. Two price bubbles appeared in the same year which caused the traders to lose some of their valuable assets. This continued to the later years as well. 2015 was a year of maladies in terms of blockchain technology.

 Bitcoin underwent a huge price rise within two years, the trading values of bitcoins in October of 2015 as $123.20 which jumped up to $1156.10 in December. As you can guess, it has always been a rollercoaster ride for those who have been involved in the areas related to bitcoin transactions.

The hot streak in 2017 helped to balance out the values of bitcoin to some extent. Analysts started to consider the form of technology as a viable mode of payment.

 The investors, however, were uncanny that the prices might undergo a steep rise again. And this happened in 2019 when the values surpassed $10,000 in 2019. Finally, after the onset of the pandemic in 2020, the value of bitcoin reached a scary $18,353.


Fluctuations are inevitable in cryptocurrency. It is quite apparent that the values of bitcoin may not agree with the regular price changes in the case of bitcoin. You have to show some caution to the wind after you know how there are price fluctuations in the case of bitcoin!

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