Top 8 Key Features of CRM Software that will Boost Productivity

In this post, we will discuss 8 major features of using CRM software that can help to boost the productivity of your business activities. Features are one of the major things to consider while opting for the best accounting software. With the help of CRM software, the ROI can be increased along with an increase in productivity. The CRM software helps to have a proper track of the customer relations along with helping to maintain the long term relations with them. The sales CRM software can helps to sustain profitability along with generating more leads and drive sales.

CRM Software

There might be a question that why to use the customer relationship management software. A simple answer to this question is to analyze the business data and manage the customers in a better way. The CRM software helps to have a track over the business website, customer support systems, social media accounts, feedback reviews and much more. The CRM software can be used to improve business activities by keeping an eye over what customers need and what they are not comfortable with. Collecting customer reviews help to understand their preferences as well as the latest trends. The growth of your business can mainly depend on the customers and their preferences and hence using CRM software becomes essential in the modern world.

In the modern technical world, more and more users are opting for CRM software as it provides a high return on investment and better management of the customers. There is a lot of CRM software available in the market for the business units and hence it becomes difficult to find one matching the requirements of your business unit. After proper research and examination, we have listed the following top 8 features to select in the CRM software. Without waiting much, let us move on to the list of features.

Manage social media presence:

The CRM software can easily integrate with social media accounts and adopt different strategies to access the marketing insights in a single place. The CRM software can be connected with all the social media accounts such as Face-book, Twitter, Linked In, WhatsApp and many others. Managing the social media accounts with the CRM software allows you to post, manage and reply to the customers through the social media accounts. Also, it becomes easy to stay updated with the post comments, likes and mentions. Always remember, customers usually like quick replies and responses.

Manage follow-ups:

Managing the leads and follow-ups helps you to understand the process from start till end. This can make it easy to understand any customer’s journey from any leading side or through simple conversion. The lead management feature of the real estate CRM software can save a lot of time and energy for employees as it can perform the admin tasks automatically such as contact forms, emails, review forms and many others. It becomes easy to understand how your business is performing with the help of to lead management feature. The feature also helps the sales team as they no longer need to track the sales or customer reviews manually.

Manage contacts and communication:

For any CRM software to become successful, it has to provide the feature to manage the contacts and communication in a better way. It means the CRM software comes with address modules where the customer data can be stored and organized properly. The software also allows editing the customer details as well as adding and storing the personal information, interactions, preferences, demographics, transactions and much more with your business.

Also, the software can integrate with the sales and marketing tools and bring high quality leads to the marketing and sales teams. The CRM software can connect and collect data from multiple companies and from different executives at the same time. Also, it can manage multiple social media accounts in a single system.

Easy to use dashboard and generation of reports:

Also, the CRM software comes with easy to use dashboard that includes all the important links and clicks to the crucial data of the business. Apart from this, the report generation features are easy to use and help desk software helps to analyze the data and interpret the data at the same time. With these features, it becomes easy to generate in-depth reports to understand the trends of your business unit and the customer preferences patterns. The dashboard makes sure that you get access to all the key insights without shifting much to other parts of the software. The best CRM software is the one that provides real-time data to the users and helps to generate analytics reports to bring accuracy.

Integrations with apps:

It is crucial to have mobile-friendly CRM software so that all the data stored in the software can be easily accessed through the mobile app from any place and at any time. Many CRM software come connected with the android and iOS apps so that it becomes easy to access and input data in the software even when you are not in the office. This feature mainly helps the sales teams to update the deals in real-time after meeting the clients and is also one of the best features to help the employees to work remotely or off-site.

Tracking gets easy:

The best CRM software is the one that allows the users to track the emails to understand how the campaigns are going on. A few of the CRM software includes email tracking features in-built whereas, in others, it needs to be added as an additional feature. Well-known email services can be easily integrated with software such as Mail Chimp, Gmail, Emails, Outlook and many others. This feature allows capturing the messages, save the contacts from the mails as well as having a look over the email campaigns. Tracking the email activities help to understand when the people open the emails, whether they forward the emails or not, do they click on the links sent in the email and much other. Some of the CRM software allows you to set different templates helping you to bring more leads.

Manage the events and campaigns:

Campaign and event management feature is necessary for any CRM software as it helps to measure the success or failure of your campaigns with the collected data and proper analysis of it. The campaign management tools can be used to sort the campaigns and target the contacts and customers in segments along with deciding different strategies for all. The in-depth data will help you to plan for your upcoming campaigns.

Decide deals and activities:

The CRM software must have this essential feature as deals are the negotiations made out of your business. To do well in this, you need to pay close attention to the activities performed in your unit. The CRM software can allow you to align the tasks showing their start, progress and end of every deal that you decide. Tracking the deals and activities in real-time help to understand the leads and current interests of the customers. Also, the CRM software, especially for small businesses, is designed with user permissions so that the sensitive data does not get leaked to the employees who are not assigned work related to specific activities or deals.


These were the top 8 key features of the CRM software that help to boot the productivity of your business unit. Make sure you include all of these along with many others in your CRM software.

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