7 Smart Marketing Moves for Your Small Business

Do you own a small business? It may be good. However, if you get a little more customer than the usual, then it adds up to more profits. Try some smart moves to give your small business a smarter look.

Small business means that you have invested a little capital, so low-cost measures are highly effective to have higher conversion rates. Below you will find seven tips that can help you to attract more customers and generate high ROI.

1. Advertising Like Big Brands Does Not Work

Big brands acclaim their name and due to recognition, it is possible for them to increase their future sales just with their name. But your small business cannot afford to do that. What way you can reciprocate it? – You can design your advertising to produce sales. For example, you can include offers, indeed a chic way to attract prospective customers.

2. What About Offering A Cheap Version?

If you acquire prospective customers, then remember that they may be not ready to pay the price that you assign. Others are interested in paying out a lower price than in getting better quality. Well, you can avoid losing sales to many customers by offering stripped down version of your product that too at a lower price.

3. You Can Offer A Premium Version To Customers

Cheap price is not liked by everybody. Many agree to pay a higher price just to get a premium product. In this case, you can boost up your sale and total revenue just offering more comprehensive product or service or by combining several products in a special package that too offered at a higher price.

4. Try Some Extraordinary Marketing Tricks

Why don’t you try some unconventional marketing methods?? This will surely beat your competitors. This will help you to sketch out some profitable ways to generate sales. You can try printing a small ad on a postcard and mail it to the prospect in the targeted market. This small ad can at times drive huge traffic and generate quality sales leads at any moment.

5. Spruce Your Ads

You can make the size of your ads cut short, so that you are able to run more ads at the same price. You may even get surprised to find that same short ad gets a better response than a longer version.

6. Tie Up With Other Small Business

You contact some small business who is non-competitive by nature. Tell them that you can publicize their product or services to your customers, but in return, they have to publicize your products to their customers. This is called cross-promotion and this is able to cater large sales that too at a low-cost.

7. Seek Some Advantage From Your Customers

Customer is the king, and to keep them happy you can try your level best. They already trust you and so it becomes easier to bring business from them. Take advantage of this and offer them some special deals. Like announce them about your new products before you declare them in the general market.

Converting your customers into publicity agents is another good idea. If they are able to tell their associates and cater extra traffic then provide them with incentives. Endorsement from trusted customers is more valuable and cheaper than the advertising.

These seven marketing tips are simple and yet effective try them out and make your small business get that trendy look like the bigger ones.

Author’s Bio: Samantha Bingham, author of this article, is closely associated with renowned financial services call center for over a decade. She has adept knowledge of lead generation, telemarketing, answering services, customer care, help desk solutions and various other inbound and outbound call center services.

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  1. Small businesses should not underestimate the power of social media. Social media management is essential for businesses looking to connect to new customers and engage with them proactively. Moreover, social media is the next big thing in the customer support industry with many customers prefering to seek support over social media platforms. Thus, its importance cannot be ignored.

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