Never Stop Promoting Your Brand

Your business is taking off.

It’s done quite well, but you are still working hard to promote your name and your services or products. In fact, you’ve even started hitting up some trade shows or spending a bit more on marketing yourself.

This can mean it’s time to invest in some promotional products.

What can you put your name on to promote your business?

As the following article shows, here are 20 things you probably never thought to personalize

1. Lip balm – Everyone gets chapped lips. Especially at trade shows in all that indoor air.
2. Chocolate bars – Who doesn’t like chocolate? And wrapping it up in your company logo is a great way to spread your name.
3. Playing cards – A deck of cards never goes out of style and with your name on it, it’s worth a gamble!
4. Floor mats – Maybe this won’t be a freebie, but personalized mats will help out the feet of your employees and visitors in your office or at a tradeshow, and remind everyone of where they are.
5. Journals – Blank books are always useful and for those who use them, they’ll always have your name and contact nearby.
6. Portable phone chargers – Sure, these may be a bit more pricey for you than pens or pencils, but it’s a great giveaway and easy to put your brand on.
7. Frisbees – Not everything has to be work oriented – have a little fun with promotions.
8. Cinch bags – Bags always come in handy and with your name on it, you never know where the bag will take your business.
9. Car charger adaptors – For charging personal devices in the car, your customers will thank you when their phone battery is low.
10. Stress balls – Day to day tasks can induce a lot of stress; stress balls with your company’s name on them can relieve a lot of it, too.
11. Mini flashlights – These don’t have to be big or expensive, but you can shine a bright light on your brand with these.
12. Bottled water – You may want to skip the cups and have personalized bottles of water ready to satiate your thirsty customers.
13. Sticky notes – People love sticky notes almost as much as chocolate. Whether kids use them for school, adults for home or work, your brand name will be well seen.
14. Hand sanitizer – You and your customers probably shake a lot of hands, germs are a plenty. Rid them with personalized hand sanitizer.
15. Mini first-aid kits – Everyone needs one in the car or purse, but they’re often forgotten. Your customers will appreciate this at their next paper cut.
16. Glasses/phone cleaner buffs – This will keep your company bright and shiny when your customers use it to clean their glasses and personal devices.
17. Lunch boxes – Go green and ditch the paper bag with personalized lunch boxes.
18. Tins of gum or mints – Fresh breath is a plus, especially when it promotes your brand.
19. Coffee scoop – Your customers will think of you each morning while they make their morning Joe.
20. A rubber duck – Classic and fun for everyone – don’t forget the value of a rubber ducky!

These days the list could go on and on.

Think outside the pencil box and give your customers something fun and useful to remember you and your brand.

About the Author: Heather Legg is an independent writer who covers topics related to small business, social media and education.

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