Is VoIP Ringing in Your Office?

Imagine if you never had to miss another important business call, even if you were out and about, on the road, stuck in traffic or at a business lunch.

Many small businesses are starting to see the benefits of VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – telephone systems over traditional phone systems. VoIP systems are flexible, cost effective and often offer features that a traditional phone system can’t.

What are some of the advantages a VoIP system can offer your business?

More Flexible Telephone System

VoIP offers your business a much more flexible telephone system.

You’ll no longer need to be at your desk or even in the office to receive calls to your business telephone number. You’ll be able to use your VoIP system anywhere you have broadband internet access.

Many VoIP systems feature the capacity to make and receive calls using your laptop as well as your VoIP phone.
You can also receive voicemail and faxes direct to your email inbox. No more time spent chasing up missed calls or tapping into voicemail.

This increased flexibility is also great for your team.

Getting in touch with a colleague offsite is much easier with VoIP. If your company has or decides to introduce telecommuting, your VoIP system will make it easy to keep in touch with your team members who are working from home or on the road.

Many VoIP providers allow for call forwarding to a traditional landline or cell phone in the rare event of a power cut, meaning that you won’t have to worry about missing calls even if your VoIP system suffers a temporary interruption.

Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

Using VoIP also means saying goodbye to playing “telephone tag”.

As “VoIP Phone System Features You Should Want for Your Business” explains, VoIP systems can be set up to call different numbers in sequence or simultaneously.

If someone calls you, you can have your landline and cell numbers ring at once, for example, or have your cell ring if there is no answer from your landline. You can also use this feature to call a coworker if you are not available.

VoIP Helps You Provide Better Customer Service

Cutting down on “telephone tag” equals better customer service. No more frustrated customers getting no answer from your landline only to have to redial your cell number or call someone else in your company.

Instead, your VoIP system can try more than one number, maximizing your customer’s chance of reaching you.
Having your voice mail sent to your inbox means less time tracking down messages and the flexibility of VoIP means your customers are more likely to be able to reach you wherever you are. It all adds up to better, faster customer service.

Cost Effective Phone Options for Your Business

VoIP is a cost-effective option for your business, typically costing less than a traditional telephone system.

VoIP systems are cheaper to maintain than their counterparts, a saving which is passed on to you as a VoIP customer.
Many VoIP providers offer tiered pricing, meaning that you pay less if you need less extensions. This makes VoIP services highly scalable, allowing you to only pay for what you need. Adding new users is quick and easy with no need to pay for new wiring or extensions.

A VoIP system can increase your efficiency and help you provide better customer service, while making your life easier and saving your small business money, so why wait?
Dial-in to VoIP’s advantages today.

About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on a wide variety of business topics, including social media, VoIP, telephone systems and SEO.

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    Thanks to VoIP technology, users can now get in touch with the special people in their lives by using the Internet connection on their phones. Since VoIP relies on the Internet, calling someone is relatively free of charge, with the exception of possible charges for using the Internet data connection.

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