The Best VoIP Service Providers Offering Fiber in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for business phone service has enabled companies to reduce their communication costs, add advanced calling features and conferencing, and improve mobility – especially important in today’s work-at-home environment. These are just a few reasons why VoIP has become the preferred choice for communication. In fact, experts predict that there will be 3 billion VoIP users worldwide by 2021.

If you are looking for the best VoIP service providers in Texas, be sure that your business phone service uses fiber rather than cable or copper wires.

The Advantages of Fiber for VoIP

When comparing how copper lines stack up against fiber, there is no comparison. Fiber comes out on top in every category.


Speed may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to business phone service, but it is important because low speeds can degrade call quality, causing breaks or lags in conversation, dropped connections, and echoes during calls. Fiber virtually eliminates these problems because it can handle dramatically higher speeds.

Having symmetrical speeds is also important to ensure that upload and download speeds are the same. Dedicated fiber does that, and it can make a big difference in VoIP call quality.

Heavy Usage

Another thing that can impact call quality is what else is happening on your network when you are making calls. Fiber can handle the high demand that results when multiple users are conducting business simultaneously. When using the same connection for business phone service, internet access and cloud-based applications, you need a solution that can handle all of these things. Fiber handles heavy demand better than any other solution.


Copper and cable connections transmit data as electronic signals. Fiber does it using light over fiber-optic cable. While other types of connections are susceptible to electromagnetic or radio interference or voltage surges, fiber is immune to noise and electrical interference.

The farther someone is from a switch, the more degradation they will experience, which can seriously impact voice quality. Fiber can stretch for many miles without degrading call quality, but copper lines can only go about 300 feet before call quality becomes a concern.


Much of the country’s traditional business phone service network is old. Lines break and are often disrupted during inclement weather. Fiber is much more resilient in severe weather conditions and resistant to damage from water or lightning. This is especially important in Texas due to the frequency of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and severe thunderstorms. Fiber is also less likely to break because it can tolerate four times the amount of pressure compared to copper lines.

The best VoIP service providers in Texas use fiber and have redundant paths so that if a connection is severed, it can be rerouted quickly. Even if there is a disruption to the fiber connection, VoIP users can have calls redirected to mobile devices so they will not miss a call. When using fiber for VoIP, it is possible to reroute calls in seconds. The only downtime will be the time it takes to make the change.


Fiber is much more secure than other solutions because it is nearly impossible to tap. The only way to intentionally sever a connection is to cut into the fiber-optic cable, which would disconnect the circuit.

Reduced Costs

Fiber has a much longer life cycle than other connections. While copper has a predicted life span of five to eight years, fiber can last three decades or longer. This means less maintenance and lower replacement costs as well as a lower total cost of ownership, which reduces the cost of your business phone service.

Fiber is also more flexible and scalable. If you need to add lines, devices or more capacity, you can do it easily and quickly. Other solutions may require service calls or additional hardware, as well as an additional cash outlay.

Why the Best VoIP Service Providers Offer Fiber in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio

Fiber is the backbone for the fastest and most reliable business phone service available and will deliver the highest VoIP call quality. It is significantly more reliable and secure than digital subscriber line, cable or copper connections. Using VoIP on a fiber network can reduce your monthly phone bill and keep your business operating even when there is heavy demand or severe weather.

LOGIX is Built for Business

With 280,000 fiber miles, LOGIX provides business phone services and high-speed internet for more than 10,000 Texas businesses, 3,000 enterprise buildings and 100 data centers.

If you have a business in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio, contact LOGIX today by calling 281-688-6231, or request a quote online from the most reliable VoIP service provider in Texas.

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