The surge in on-demand apps: Why invest in developing an on-demand app business?

On-demand services are the talk of the town. On-demand apps are replacing traditional business models. Apps are available for almost every service nowadays. Industries like food, grocery, healthcare, beauty have all turned towards providing on-demand apps for the users. According to the latest PwC report, the market for On-demand mobile apps will reach a significant value of $335 Billion by 2025. On-demand users spend an average of $57.6 billion annually. This is more than 50% YoY growth. Moreover, 49% of on-demand consumers are millennials. This means that the growth of this market will continue exponentially.

On-demand apps

On-demand apps that have seen a huge demand include,

  • Transportation and travel
  • Food delivery
  • Healthcare
  • Professional services
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics

Reasons behind the growth of on-demand apps

  • Various reasons attribute to the growth of these on-demand apps. They are,
    People find on-demand apps more comfortable as they can avail of doorstep services and deliveries.
  • People can find a diversified range of services available in the app. They needn’t look around for them individually.
  • On-demand apps have made it profitable for users. Users can opt for services from different service providers based on the price, ratings, etc.
  • The availability of services has also aided in the growth of on-demand apps. Users can avail of services even at hours where supermarkets and stores are closed.
  • Users can pay for their services via different and easily accessible payment options.

The impact of on-demand apps on traditional industries:

A survey report about the on-demand economy by Burson-Marsteller, the Aspen Institute, and Time indicates 42% of Americans have used at least one on-demand app service.The on-demand app services have created havoc in the traditional industries.

People tend to rely more and more on these on-demand services. Industrialists are finding it harder to make investments in traditional industries. They are forced to shut down failing to cope with the pressures of the on-demand market. Apps like Gojek have started to provide multi on-demand services and entrepreneurs have started to create such apps using app development solutions like the Gojek clone app solutions.

For example, students needn’t attend professional institutes for coaching. With apps like Unacademy and Byju’s ready to offer convenient and affordable lessons, students are more inclined towards these on-demand apps. This forces the professional institutions to shut down or leave the picture.

The paramount Customer Satisfaction:

All modern advancements are inclined towards one common goal, customer satisfaction. How are on-demand apps acquiring customer satisfaction?

On-demand apps let users decide the type of service that is required. The transparency in the system has made users believe that the service is measurable and reliable. Transparency is obtained by ratings and reviews of those services. A user can opt for a particular service only if the service matches the requirements of the user.

The on-demand apps take care of even the slightest worry or an issue of the users. In this way, users have pulled towards the usage of these services once again.

 Quick service and quality are the two essentials to customer satisfaction. According to a study, almost 51% of the retailers offer a same-day delivery service. Quality is ensured by providing trustworthy service providers. Service providers are inducted into the business only if they satisfy the quality norms demanded by the business owners. This ensures quick and quality services reaching user’s doorstep.

Ways to develop an on-demand app

Developing from scratch

You can develop an on-demand app from scratch. This involves the extensive market study and adequate planning. Identifying flaws and areas to explore can come in handy during the development stage.

Approaching an app development company

You can approach an app development company with your idea. The white-label apps produced by the company are customizable according to your specifications. It is always a safer option to enter the business venture with a technical team behind your back. Proper management in the form of updates can sustain the clone apps for an increased time frame.


Man is lazy and will find new ways to be so. In this fast-moving world, Automation has pushed us all towards affordable and convenient services. You can book a car, order food, and buy groceries in a single tap. Multitasking has emerged as a recent trend in the market. Developing an On-demand multi-service app using ready-made app solutions can be highly beneficial. With the market booming and looking for fresh and energizing services to be offered, this is the ideal time to set foot in this market.

The on-demand apps will continue to disrupt industries at a much larger rate. People find it exciting if services are offered to them as demanded at their doorsteps. This ensures the comfort of the people. Moreover, various service providers are ready to offer doorstep services in the view of increased market exposure. Geographical locations can help you decide the type of services that are required for the locality. Meticulous planning and proper utilization of resources can help your on-demand app move forward!

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