Call Up VoIP for Better Business

VoIP has become one of the most popular methods of communication for residential and business customers.

It is continuing to grow every year, with the number of new business customers twice the number of residential customers. More businesses are switching from traditional phone systems to VoIP. It allows them to save money, but that is only one of the benefits.

Here are some reasons you may want to consider this communications option if you haven’t already….

Reduce Costs
Because VoIP treats your phone calls like data, it is a relatively cheap way to transmit phone calls rather than paying for minutes like you would with traditional phone systems. Small businesses can even set up their own systems, which save them even more money.

Because it goes through your internet connection instead of phone lines, your IT department can handle any issues and upgrades instead of dealing with an outside company.

You also don’t have to pay for maintenance costs like you might with a traditional system.

Improve Efficiency
One of the most important benefits for businesses is that it improves efficiency.

Connect from anywhere as long as you have a VoIP phone. This means you can work from home even if you can’t make it to the office. Employees that are out for an extended period of time can continue to work for a part- or full-time basis from home.

Because the phone calls originate through your broadband connection, voice mails can be sent to email.

There are also services that allow you to have your email messages read from your voice mail. These options make it easier to get messages and respond in a timely manner.

You don’t even need a phone to talk to clients, vendors or other business contacts.

You can hook up a headset and talk over your computer with products such as those available at major retailers like NetTalk Duo, VoIP telephone service. This gives you access whether you are at home, traveling for business or just hanging out on vacation.

Improve Service
With VoIP systems, you improve the service you provide to clients and communications to business contacts and employees.

Because you can be connected from anywhere, you can have your phone forwarded to anywhere you are. This eliminates much of the phone tag that goes on with small businesses that don’t have a full-time receptionist.

If your customers do have to leave a message, you can get back to them faster. Imagine this scenario in your office.

You get a message from an important client that you can’t take because you are in a meeting or sitting in a class or seminar. You get the message in your email, read it and either respond back to the customer through email or forward it on to your staff to deal with. The customer is happy with the fast response and you can continue on with your meeting or seminar.

If you operate in multiple areas, you can even get a local phone number where you do business.
This gives customers an incentive to use your services with a number local to their areas.

About the Author: Joyce Morse is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including business and technology.

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