Why Podiatrists Are Important For You

Not many of us know that the human foot is a masterpiece, just like the brain and the body as a whole. This complex structure has 33 joints and 26 bones, along with a network of more than 100 ligaments, muscles, and tendons. One also cannot ignore the presence of a number of nerves and blood vessels in this area. Every individual’s foot faces a force of several hundred tons daily by walking. This gives rise to different kinds of foot ailments, and that’s where the knowledge of a foot specialist, also known as a podiatrist, comes in.


A large percentage of adults face ankle pains and problems in the foot throughout the life, but they rarely acknowledge the same.  Now is your chance to talk about these issues, as you can interact with the top podiatrists in Houston. Their expertise will help in identifying the root cause of a foot problem, which is the first step in devising a comprehensive treatment plan. Reputed podiatrists ensure that they do not just provide good care during treatment, but also give methods to enhance the quality of life once the due course of treatment is complete.

Make use of the ‘Work from Home’ situation

The current pandemic may be a blessing in disguise for you to finally give time to your foot problems. In case you have arthritis and have the habit of wearing tight shoes, and are also elderly in age, there are high chances of developing a bunion. This is described as a bony hump present in the lower area of the big foot. Over time, bunions tend to become painful and cause a very high level of discomfort. So, if there is a fair amount of friction on this toe, you will feel a fair amount of pain. It is a great time to get yourself checked by an experienced podiatrist in Houston.

Conditions commonly treated by podiatrists

Our feet remain busy throughout the day, whether we realize this or not. Did you know that you may have walked 75,000 miles on the Earth till the time you touch 50 years of age? Therefore, it is likely that you could one or more of the following issues:

  1. Fractures and sprains- A number of well known podiatrists in Houston work in sports medicine. This is one arena where fractures and sprains are very common injuries in the ankles or feet. Apart from treating these problems in holistic ways, they also give you techniques to avoid them in the future.
  2. Problems as a result of diabetes- Diabetes is caused when the body either cannot use insulin in the normal way, or does not manufacture it. As a result of this condition the nerves in your feet or leg can get damaged over time. This may even prevent blood from reaching the feet. Unless treated by a podiatrist, it may require amputation.
  3. Bunions and hammertoes- If the lower part of the toe is displayed from its position or becomes larger than usual, it is known as a bunion. As a consequence, the toe may become incapable of bending in the right direction, and this condition is known as a hammertoe. Bunions take place due to bone problems. In many cases, regular consumption of food sources rich in Calcium will help improve conditions. Podiatrists have the experience to give relief from both problems.
  4. Increasing pains due to feet positions- In some cases, you may see your child’s feet appearing flat or pointing inwards. To take care of these problems, make it a point to visit a podiatrist in your area. The child may be told to carry out exercises or wear insoles.

Some of the common problems which can be easily solved by podiatrists include:

  • Unexplained foot pain
  • Discolored toenails
  • Wart-like growths
  • Skin cuts or cracks

Your first consultation

There is no need to think much about getting a treatment which you may not be familiar with. Always remember that your objective is to improve the condition your foot is in at present, and this will certainly help you get rid of apprehensions. It is already assumed here that you have selected a podiatrist who is well known in your area. 

Motivate yourself to go for the appointment by thinking about how you will feel and things you will able to do after recovery from treatment. The foot doctor’s first task would be to capture your medical history, through which the best course of treatment will be decided.  

You will need to describe the feeling in your feet to the foot specialist for him or her to draw an accurate picture of your current production. The specialist will also monitor the circulation of blood within the foot here. He or she will check how you presently walk with your lower leg joints or bend them, in order to prepare your treatment plan.

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