10 Advantages of Using Solar Panels

When energy from a grid is replaced with solar power, a homeowner experiences many perks. In this guide, you’ll discover 10 great advantages that a solar system provides in a residential location such as Bakersfield.

Financial Perks

According to experts who monitor people off the grid, a typical homeowner saves more than $100 on energy after installing a solar panel system. The biggest savings happen in two decades as an average solar panel system owner saves over $30,000 on energy throughout this time span. This is highly beneficial since a solar panel system’s warranty is much longer than two decades.

Immediate Savings

There are two ways to acquire a solar panel system, and each option can provide immediate savings. You can take advantage of the solar purchase power agreements or a solar panel lease program. Both of these setups will give you an opportunity to obtain a solar system for a small investment or with no money down.

Financing options are available for solar systems, and they give homeowners a chance to save more cash. If you finance a system, you won’t own the hardware. Instead, a third-party company will have ownership. This means that the provider will offer options for

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Repairs

Because the provider will take care of everything, you can enjoy using solar energy without any risks. You’ll only have to pay the monthly rate for the system, which is usually less than an average utility bill.

Convenient Payback

If you pay for a solar system with cash, the payback schedule will be structured strategically. The big advantage is that most providers set up payment schemes for ten years.

Increased Home Value

When a home is equipped with a solar system, its overall value gets a boost. This happens because the real estate market is driven by convenience and practical solutions. A solar system is useful since it reduces property taxes, and this attracts potential home buyers. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has reports on buying trends for homes with solar panels; the NREL team reported that houses with solar equipment sell 20 percent quicker. Also, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, a typical home’s overall value increases by up to $17,000 after solar panels are installed.


Because the government lifted the Federal Solar Tax Credit, solar panel system owners can now get up to 30 percent of their cash back on installation and equipment costs. As a result, you could save around $7,500 on a complete solar system that costs $25,000. If you take advantage of this type of incentive along with Solar Renewable Energy Credits and a few rebates, you may be able to cut the total costs in half.

Stable Energy Costs

Many utility companies have fluctuating prices, and this is why thousands of homeowners have different rates each month. The upward trend is very unreliable, so the process of guessing the total costs in advance can be challenging. Because solar panel systems have a simple setup, you can easily calculate how much green energy the hardware uses in order to estimate the projected costs.

Reliable Performance

All reputable companies that provide solar panels give their customers a performance guarantee, which includes a warranty that lasts for 20 to 25 years. In the solar panel manufacturing industry, there is a standard for all guarantees; it involves coverage for 80 percent of a system following 25 years.

Less Pollution

The United States ranks second in the entire world for high carbon dioxide emissions. China has the highest emissions, and the United States trails closely at 17.9 emissions. By switching your regular energy setup to a green solar panel system, you’ll make a small step in reducing the large carbon footprint in the U.S. This simple change will offset nearly 100,000 pounds of air pollution in about 20 years.

Energy Independence

Petroleum and crude oil are top imports in the U.S. By investing in a solar system, you’ll help decrease the need for foreign resources that generate energy. When oil is constantly imported, the economy suffers, and this is why normal utility costs spike.

Going Solar is Easy

Throughout the United States, there are a variety of companies to supply solar panel systems, so the process of upgrading your home with green equipment won’t be hassle. Since every business has great deals, you’ll have opportunities to pick a bundle that suits your financial requirements.

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