5 Ways to Lower Your Companies Electricity Bill

Electricity Bill
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Energy consumption is a significant cost within the office. While most companies continue to incur high charges through power consumption, there are easy ways to cut this down and make the office environment optimal and sustainable. Here are five important tips on how to lower electricity bills.

1. Conduct an energy audit

The first place to start is an energy audit of your company and business location. An energy audit will help you establish the main areas of consumption and the key things that are draining your power. You will most probably find out that lighting, heating, and ventilation are the primary culprits behind your high energy bill. Once you have established the main consumption areas, it is time to lower energy consumption through replacement, change in behavior, and other related practices that would cut down your overall footprint. It is easier to work on this after knowing the situation and the main points of focus.

2. Change energy-using behavior

A conventional office has many practices that are now established but are not ideal for power consumption. In your office, you will notice that lights remain on through the day, and people do not mind how they use the heating and warming appliances. The air conditioner is running through the day, and some staff will leave the office without switching off the lights and their computers. Cumulatively, these are the practices that are majorly contributing towards the high energy costs. You would benefit by changing the energy using behavior for the entire staff by encouraging responsibility and prudence. You do not have to use the lift so often unless you have a load to carry upstairs. Instead, promote the use of stairs. You will benefit by embracing these practices and habits in all the other areas across the office environment.

3. Invest in eco energy appliances

Technology has now made it easier to adopt energy-saving practices. There are different implements in the office, including the lights, cooling and heating appliances, and air conditioning, and others, that you could work to change through eco-friendly practices. You will save so much by changing the lights from the regular filament and tubing technology to the LED lighting that consumes less energy and stays for longer. Additionally, other appliances such as cooling and air conditioning are now eco-friendlier by including automated technology. The appliances only come on when they are needed for use and remain off during other times. These are effective and simple ways to keep energy consumption levels low. The company must make a conscious effort to adopt these changes and keep upscaling its technology from time to time, along with the emerging knowledge and trends.

4. Optimize your building

Similarly, there are natural and sustainable ways to build, develop and renovate the building in ways that would make it more energy-friendly. The typical examples that you may explore for the office include the structure’s orientation and open spaces. A good orientation will allow more natural light and save the cost of using lights, especially during the day. The same focus on orientation will also ensure that your building uses less air conditioning and mechanized ventilation. Similarly, planting trees and establishing cover in the building exterior and surroundings will act as a natural buffer and cut on the conditioning and heating. Further, the same strategies in an architectural plan would create an orientation that cuts on lifts by developing a low-rise building. However, you must do all these at the development stage and keep the desired optimal energy requirements in mind.

5. Invest in renewable energy

Ultimately, there are ways to move progressively from the expensive energy grid and create internal energy production in your company and offices. Energy is becoming more expensive today due to the depletion of fossil energy sources. However, there are alternatives to renewable energy that are cheaper, cleaner, and more cost-effective. Therefore, your office will stand to benefit by embracing alternative sources such as solar and wind. Solar energy, as an example, is easy to install through panels in the office that would sustainably power various equipment, especially heating. Your workplace can also install constant usage implements such as solar sign lights without incurring a hefty cost in the process.

High energy bills are a norm within the office environment. However, companies can easily change this through sustainable practices and change efforts to lower their energy footprint and make them more efficient.

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