Increase Premise Value Through Basement Waterproofing

Parts of buildings that are generally affected first due to floods are basements, whether those belonging to individuals or companies. In both cases, basements act as storage areas for equipment such as beds, extra cupboards, storage racks, cabinets, and different types of gadgets. To ensure that the basement remains livable throughout the year, it needs to be waterproofed. 

Increase Premise Value Through Basement Waterproofing 1

For best results, choosing reputed vendors for looking for basement waterproofing Philadelphia is suitable. If an area is prone to heavy rainfall, basement waterproofing may have to be done more than once a year.

Ways in which water enters the basement?

There are many ways in which leaking water can get into a basement. Areas in which leaks may be visible include walls, floors, and also improperly sealed mortar joints. Though basement waterproofing may not be able to completely prevent the entry of water, it will always limit the damages. Due to this, it also becomes possible to curb the growth of molds, and thereby prevent related illnesses. Unless this job is done by professionals, even incorrect waterproofing could cause the above problems.

Also remember that most insurance companies do not cover damages due to floods, after which lakes, creeks, and even rivers may overflow into basements.

Go through ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs

The choice of a particular waterproofing company must be on the basis of before and after restoration pictures. It is a good way of ascertaining the competence of their professionals. An even better idea would be to visit a live site.

In the following situations, it becomes necessary to undertake waterproofing activities:

  1. Renting or buying a house- Get the house’s basement evaluated by a professional before going ahead with the offer
  2. A sale of the house or commercial premises– Sellers must make a home or commercial space sellable before putting it up on the marketplace. One of the ways of doing so is to renovate the basement for better waterproofing. It is one of the best ways to add value to a premise.
  3. Employee or family safety– if you are planning to live in your house for a suitable amount of time, it is a good idea to get waterproofing done in order to protect you and your family from unexpected surprises

Some of the obvious signs where the basement seems to plead for waterproofing are as following:

  1. Presence of dry rot
  2. Mildew growth
  3. Dampness in general
  4. Paint getting peeled off
  5. Warped paneling
  6. Presence of white powder on floors or walls
  7. Seepage from the walls

Waterproofing as a remodeling exercise

For anyone looking to renovate his or her basement, extra lights or vinyl lights could be used. Other than this, construction can be altered in a manner to alter existing rooms or to create more rooms. Also, if the place contains a basement, the renovation program must consider it as well. 

Most homes in America regard basements as separate rooms in their homes. They are especially useful for organizing parties and for privacy. Such living spaces contain various types of furniture, TVs, and storage cupboards. With this amount of importance being given to these areas, they certainly serve some love, in the form of waterproofing. A remodeling budget must include the basement as well, even if it is on a low budget.

Waterproofing for companies

Several government-based and private companies operate in Philadelphia. Many of these are known to stock a lot of material in their basements. In fact, one such enterprise that can be included in this list is a police precinct. For such places, long term waterproofing contracts have to be signed and approved by the management. Basements here must get the same treatment as homes, as the health of employees is just as important as family members.

Reputation of a waterproofing company

Reliability and trustworthiness play a major role in determining a suitable waterproofing company. However, this becomes difficult when such information is not passed on by other family members or friends. The next best solution, in such a case, would be to go online and read user reviews on websites such as Yelp. Information about quality of work, service levels, and reliability will be given here. Once fully satisfied, it would make sense to visit the company website. Also, try not to get in touch with companies that do not have a presence on social media.

Find out the starting and the ending date

Before getting professionals on the job, get information about the starting and finishing dates of the basement job. In comparison to a home, such dates will be even more important for an enterprise. For this, company professionals will need to take a look at the basement and its current state. Be sure to schedule a suitable time for providing all the necessary details, with adequate time in hand.  Such considerations will definitely help in selecting the best company.

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