What is the Right Time for Moving a House?

Moving into a new house is a very lengthy process. It takes a lot of planning and time. You have to plan your move well in advance. You have to stick to the timeline created by you to have a safe and successful move. Be it sorting, decluttering, packing, or moving every little task needs your attention and should be completed within the timeline.  

Moving a house means a new beginning, a new house, new surroundings, and all this makes it a very special and exciting experience. Although we get overwhelmed with the idea of moving due to the expenses and effort associated with it, yet we cannot deny being excited too. People often consider an auspicious day to move into their new house as they believe that it let the prosperity flow into the house. However, to find a national moving companies during this peak time is not as easy as said.

There are so many practical reasons for moving mid-week or mid-month which may include less traffic, low cost of moving, and approaching weekends give enough time to settle before you re-join your workplace. But some people even follow ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui which suggests some particular ways and even days of a week to relocate due to various reasons.

Following are the pros and cons of choosing the most popular moving days:


Friday anyway is the most popular day for moving, chosen by maximum movers. Other than its auspicious significance, Friday gives the comfort of setting up your house at the weekend. One gets to organize the house without any work commitments and client distractions.

But being the busiest days, you may end up spending extra for a Friday move as moving companies are very busy on Fridays and of course charge extra. Being overbooked, sometimes labor or other moving staff take longer than usual and you may get late for your move.

Another thing that you should keep in mind if moving on a Friday is that all the banks and other utility providers are close over the weekend. So if they are not informed before Friday then it may take you longer to settle everything.


Monday is the second most chosen day for moving. Moving companies and even moving individuals find it easy to move on a Monday as they get plenty of time to pack the stuff. Though you may find it difficult to move on a Monday if you have any prior work commitments, so if you are shifting on a Monday then make sure you take off from your work well in advance as your boss may deny it at the nth moment. Moving on Monday night and then joining your office back on Tuesday sounds a little difficult too, so consider taking more than 2 days off in case you are planning a Monday move.

Also, make sure that you have done all the legal work in the previous week only to save time.


Though not chosen by many, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday can be the perfect days to move. Not being very popular makes mid-week all the more right moving time. There is no mess of overly populated traffic and even moving companies are also not packed. They even charge reasonably as many companies offer mid-week and mid-month discounts. Once you move your things to your new home in the mid-week, you can easily organize and settle in the coming weekend.

Another good reason to move during the mid-week is that all the legal and utility offices and banks are open during mid-week days. So you will be able to inform any of these authorities regarding your address change or any other update. This will save you from a situation in which you may end up without utilities like water, electricity, or gas at your new home.

If you are planning to move during mid-week then a Thursday is a very smart choice as you may take two days off from your work that is Thursday and Friday and joining weekend will give you four days in a stretch to organize your house. There is plenty of work after the move and moving on a Thursday will give to extra benefit as you will be able to settle everything. No matter how many alerts we are and keep everything sorted before moving in but there are some problems that we get to know only after moving in. It can be anything from a fault in the bathroom tap to the drainage in the kitchen sink to a fault in the power supply and moving on a Thursday will give you enough time to know and sort these small problems.


As mid-week is the lean time of the week for a moving company so is the mid-month. Instead of planning a move at the beginning or end of the month, plan a mid-month move. This will save you a lot of money. Moving companies give hefty discounts for mid-month move.

As you are expecting a lot of changes after moving to a new house it is best to choose a day that gives you the ultimate comfort and ease of making the relocation process successful.

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