Customer Returns and Refund Policies

Whether a retailer likes it or not, returns are a part of the retail game. Processing a return from a customer might be irritating but it’s something that will always be an inevitability about retail and so the retailer needs to accept this. The retailer needs to have a clear returns policy in place and of course they need to fully train staff about how to process a return. Staff need to totally understand and be familiar with the whole returns process because it is a major cog in the overall customer service experience. If the customer has a poor experience upon returning a product, it’s highly unlikely they will re-purchase but if it is a “good” experience for them i.e. hassle free, they are likely to repeat purchase thus making the process a success.

This infographic from the guys at Storetraffic highlights the importance of the whole customer returns process. It focuses on some stand out statistics about returns which are sure to be a bit of an eye opener. It also explains the “reverse logistics” process and it also emphasizes the importance of staff training in customer returns. Check it out below.

Customer Returns and Refund Policies 1

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