Offline Retail Innovations

With the onslaught of online retail behemoths like Amazon, Etsy and more, offline and brick and mortar retail have had a tough few years.

Faced with issues of showrooming where customers are coming in the door, checking out stock but returning home to buy elsewhere online, and growing overheads like higher retail rents it’s difficult to know where things can go. Malls are facing closure due to empty units as a result of lower footfall so it is clear that retail store owners need to act and fast!

This infographic from the guys at Storetraffic outlines a number of innovations which could be critical to the future viability of offline retail outlets. Only time will tell whether these will cement the existence of brick and mortar stores especially in the huge battle they lead with their online competitors. The infographic also includes some interesting expert advice for retailers. Check out the infographic below for more!

Offline Retail Innovations 1

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