Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Space? A Visual Guide

Investment and financial support don’t come easy for many companies. You often hear people joke about how their employers are not very liberal when it comes to providing the budget for different tasks and aspects of the business, but there is some truth with it because there really is a lot of expenditures that need to be considered.

One of those considerations is the office space. Aside from picking a location that would work best for your business type, industry, and employees, companies that may be having some budget issues have to decide between buying and leasing an office space as well.

People will be spending most of the time during the day in the office, so it’s important to check if the quality of the space is worth purchasing or just rented.

Choosing between these two options is never easy and doesn’t come down to a single factor, so before reaching a decision, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of buying and leasing.

In the infographic below, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the two options, as well as the other factors that come into play and influence your decision for your office space.

Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Space? A Visual Guide 1

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  1. Buying an office space is better long term than renting. I think if you have the budget to give that huge upfront amount, take it and buy the office space. There are also other options where you could rent to own and I think that also would be a good investment to make.

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