The Anatomy of a Filipino Employee: What Makes Them Worth Investing In

The Philippines is known to be one of the top countries for the BPO industry. Many foreign investors prefer the Philippines over global companies because of what Filipino employees have to offer.

Filipino employees tend to stand out with their traits and skills. Not only are they hospitable, but they possess the qualities BPO companies are looking for. They are well-educated, have a high English proficiency, and have a great culture and work ethics.

The Filipino culture also reflects in their work performance. They are family-oriented, have high respect for their elders, and will do whatever it takes to provide for their family. Even if they must work for long hours or a night shift, they will take anything they can get.

For a country where English is not the first language, they rank third out of thirteen in Asia for English proficiency. In addition, more than half of Filipino employees are said to deal with customers in 4 hours. This is a good catch because it only means that investors won’t have difficulties with their employees getting the job done.

Check out this infographic by EnterPH that illustrates the anatomy of a Filipino employee. It gives a more detailed explanation on why foreign investors choose to invest in the Philippines, including fast facts and statistics that define the Filipino employee.

The Anatomy of a Filipino Employee: What Makes Them Worth Investing In 1


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