The increasing number of citizens and the influx of people from rural areas have contributed to the rise in the number of cars that urban families own and use every day. Together with public utility vehicles, delivery and cargo trucks, and transportation systems that cannot accommodate the volume of vehicles on the roads, traffic has become a daily headache for motorists, commuters, and government officials.

Traffic is the bane of every motorist’s ride experience. In fact, a study finds that Filipinos spend 16 days per year stuck in traffic in Manila, Philippines. This is excluding the waiting time looking for a parking spot. The results put Manila behind Bangkok and Jakarta in the longest traffic wait time in Asia.

Traffic congestions are unpredictable. Lest people can do is leave before peak hours to avoid rush hour traffic and the unprecedented frustration that comes with getting stuck in transit. Below is an infographic that illustrates the traffic status and behavior of the top cities during peak hours.

Traffic Status and Behavior of Popular Cities During Peak Hours 1