IT Course Developers / Authors (Remote Job l Home-located)

. Whitecollars – Manila City, Metro Manila – An Information technology Consultancy located in London is seeking Freelance Course Developers who will help in developing and recording (voice only) one or more of the following subjects (you will be provided with the course outline): Artificial Intelligence with C++ AWS Certified Big Data – Speciality AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner for Non-tech Personnel Disaster Recovery on AWS for DevOps Enhancing Data Visualization Models in Power BI with DAX Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2019 Hands-On Automation Testing with Selenium WebDriver 4 Hands-On React Native for the Impatient Kubernetes on Windows Server 2019 Modernize Python Web Apps with Azure App Service Monitoring and Logging on AWS for DevOps PowerShell Core 6.1 for Linux Practical Kubernetes using Google Cloud Platform Quantitative Finance with Python [v] Vue.js 3.0 for Angular Developers Requirements: Fluency in the English language with a clear accent. Excellent communication expertis…

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