Business Ideas for Students with Low Investment

Starting a business has remained an uphill task, and for the students – an onerous one. The amount of money, risk, time and lack of idea makes it a tougher one. In contrary, according to the experts, it takes nothing as such other than an idea, a will power, and the ability to foresee the prospect of the business.

A student can start several businesses. As per a popular quote-, “No job is too big or too small for the one that created all”. According to a budding entrepreneur, a low investment business holds a bright spot always and can be a game-changer for the aspiring ones. For the students, stress should be laid, and prospects need to be searched for by the students in terms of inventories, warehousing, and space.

The following are some of the business ideas for students that can be started with low investment—

  • Residential Cleaning Services

For the students with a busy schedule, picking up a business that caters to residential cleaning can be a viable option. Unlike cleaning, there is hardly any business that can hold to strengthen trust amongst the service providers and seekers.

There are students, who started their entrepreneurship career as cleaning and later after catering to a single or couple of households, tasted the sweetness of success. Very sooner, such students were able to build a network of clients from referrals and transformed into a business that gave jobs to others.

  • Removing Services

Another business that needs little investment is the removal services. With a handful of cartons, packaging material, and a moving vehicle, removing services can be a big boon for the start-ups. According to a survey, start-up business ideas with little inventories can make $200 at a go.

But in the removing services, there is a catch. Initially, moving small houses or students can be easy. However, with the expansion, the business would surely need a heavy amount of labor for removing heavy objects and expertise in packing the breakables.

  • Taking Care of the Child

With the childcare industry at a boom, taking care of a child can be a good business. According to a recent report, the demand for babysitters has risen considerably, and some colleges are promoting their students to pick up new jobs with the help of trusted referrals.

This job takes into an instance a significant role and responsibility. Therefore, a student taking up a career in this sector needs to invest in time. A typical babysitter is paid approximately $10 to $50 per hour as per the experience and expertise.

  • Teaching

Teachers are the noblest section of society. It’s time to impart the next generation with what you have learned. According to the recent trends, there are instances where a group university or college topper has opened a learning institute for the students to impart them the best lessons.

Such teaching business ideas have come as a godsend thing for the business start-ups with the trade flourishing every year.


Numerous business ideas can be best for a student. However, eyes need to be set on those that would require the least investment and provide the best return on investment.

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