A complete guideline on How to find the right influencers on instagram

Instagram is indeed the best platform for brands and individuals to pump up promotions and drive brand campaigns as brands are always seeking new ways and creative influencer to promote themselves and gain more and more social media presence so they could easily and effectively turn their audience into their authentic and lifelong customers.

Being the most fashionable and flooded industry of infinite social users, instagram has become the first choice for most of the brands and individuals to promote their products online, the engagement rates, interaction maneuver, daily campaigns and brand promotions done on instagram are much higher in ratio when compared with other social media platforms.

Still you would not be able to make your desirable outcome, if you have opted the wrong direction of planning and execution, as there exist a specific pattern to deal and make some task to reach it’s required destination, so, I suggest you to follow the below listed steps that you could build your brand strategically and plan your outcome with 99% of positive upshots.

‘A strategic plan is enough capable of turning products into brands, when you specifically design your plan of step by step execution by yourself, it gives you an  overview of your business ideology that will further support  you to build business matrix and pander you with intense business leading goals and schemes.

Here am listing a brief guideline on some essential steps you must follow before finding an influencer on any social media platform.

  1. Understand your business

Understanding your business means you must be well aware about your business ideology and business niche, on what area your business deals, whether you provide products or services, don’t just rush without determining your even knowing your business desire, it will drastically impeach your marketing efforts. As greater business understanding can lead you to find a better and relevant influencer.

  • decide your business goals

Before you start wandering on social media looking for high engagements and business promotion you must first decide your business objectives, it means, like you just can’t surf all the time on social media looking for an influence marketing and asking every now and then to promote your brand, after understanding your business you will be looking only for those influence marketer that follows your niche or business type so that it would be easier for you to connect with his influencer’s audience more.

  • Prefer small scale influencer

Actually it doesn’t even really matters, what audience size your influencer cluthes, in case you have found a high tire influence marketer with millions of followers who is already tied up with other brands too then there you won’t find any brand alignment or emotion between the influencer and customer there you will see few conversions at an exchange of your time and money

So it’s better to find micro, macro and small scale influencer with tens of thousands to lakhs of followers who can really turn their audience to your brand with visual collaborations and four times greater engagement rates because of their loyal followings. You can also gain a free instagram followers by doing so.

  • analyze your influencer

analyzing influencer is much obligatory, mine and check out your targeted influence marketer and find out the people following him and other influencers, this is because, instagram is already flooded with millions of users it’s literally so arduous to distinguish between a fake and a genuine influencer with loyal audience, it happens people buy and sell audience and engagements over instagram so beware of faux influencers promising you high audience engagements with no authentic results.

  • Build influencer relationship

Relationship building is always suggested because a fine investment in relationship and cultivating strong communication with friendly channel, is just as important as measuring your business collaborations and campaign results. A strategically built business relationship lasts even after your exchanges and deal ends with pandering gives hopes of true essence of business requirement understanding rather than just fixing up everything monetary.

  • Use hashtags

Dive deep to find out the most detailed and tailed hashtags, specifically affiliated and aligned to your brand and product type use them while sharing your contents it will ease you with better searches on active and related influencers.

  • use an influencer search tool

There are in-numerable well designed and equipped tools that will connect you will already prove and rectified influence marketer, these tools are so programmed to analyze fake and genuine engagements, many even help you to track and measure influencer’s impacts as well as allow you to connect them directly through the platform only with given email ids and collaboration. Details, just keep in mind these super functioning tools comes with a fee, so budget them in your list before making a plan to use them.

  • Be genuine

‘Authenticity is always appreciated’, be authentic with your brand details, price details , products details, cause it should not be like you are presenting something and delivering something else, for a while you’ll be in vantage but soon this type of faux campaigns can drag you down brutally, whatever you serve to the audience just be loyal and genuine with them and the same goes with yours brand’s influence marketer only hire those who possess genuine and elegant audience, don’t rush for extending your followers instead practice hard to extend your business reach beyond your marketer’s profile too.

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