3 Tips to getting a copy of your social security card for work purposes

Identification is a necessary requirement when you are newly hired in a company. That is why when you are hired for a new job; your employer will require you to submit certain documents. You will also need to show your Social Security Number card to your employer. This is why when you lose these important documents; it can get a little frustrating on your part. You will have to consider getting a replacement because you will also need it for other purposes.

Here are three tips for getting a copy of your social security card for work purposes.

  1. Visit the Social Security website first before going to your local Social Security office to know what documents you need.

The first thing that you should do before doing anything else is to know what requirements and documents you need to present before you can process a replacement of your card. You are also going to need to present a valid identification card so they can prove your identity. If you are going to need to change your name on your social security card, you can do so by visiting this link: application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/change-name-on-social-security-card/. Once you are complete with all the documents needed, you are going to need to print an application for Social Security Card and fill them out. Lastly, you can mail or personally bring your documents. You will be able to see the address of your local office on a page during the online process.

  1. Get a temporary Social Security Card print out

In the event that your employer needs your social security card upon getting hired and you do not have it available to you, you have another option of getting a temporary social security card print out. Since it usually takes some time before you can get hold of your social security card or a replacement, it is a great idea that you can have a temporary print out for your employer.  You can use it this temporary printout for work purposes until the actual card has been sent to you. Please do take note that this is not something that you can get online for security reasons. Identity theft is rampant nowadays and once your SSN details are obtained online, it can be sold without your permission. All you have to do to get a printout is to fill out the necessary forms and bring them to your local social security office.

  1. Keep other identification cards ready at all times.

Since you will most certainly need to prove your identity before you can get either your actual Social Security Card or a temporary printout, always make sure that you have other identification cards ready at all times so you can easily obtain a copy of your social security details. In order to prove your identity, you will be asked to provide a driver’s license, a state-issued non-driver identity card, or your passport. You may also be required other documents such as an employee ID card, school ID, Insurance card, or a birth certificate.

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