What you need to get a Social Security Card?

A social security number and card is used in various manners. It is easy to find that the social security number is the common need in America and anyone can get it, but you have to fulfill all the requirements. In case, you end up losing the social security card, or it is stolen by anyone, then you have to get a new one. Make sure that you apply as soon as possible to invalid the old one and start using a new one. This method will come in handy.

But, most of the people have this question how to get the new social security card or how to apply for it? Well, there are many methods which can come in handy. The below given are some easy to follow steps with the requirements. These things will ease up the work and provide a range of benefits for sure that’s why you can select it and go well in the direction of future.

Documents Required

You need two identities to obtain a new security card. Both the identity card must contain the same details, and you have the permanent residence address in it. Such methods can ease up the work, and you can get the new social security card. Even, you can choose Online Application replacement Social Security Card to get the new security card and avoid the trouble.

The required identities must be showing your birth date, U.S. citizenship, and home address. Even, it may require the current immigration status. The below mentioned are some common identities which can fulfill the need –

  • State-issued non-driver identity card; or
  • S. driver’s license; or
  • S. passport.

These details will let you apply for a new social security card, and the need will be fulfilled in a couple of minutes. Make sure that you stay selective and check out the documents in advance before proceeding. If there is any mistake in birth date or other things, then get it corrected to avoid trouble lately. In case, you don’t have any of the identities from the mentioned ones then you can look for alternatives such as –

  • School ID card;
  • Employee ID card;
  • S. military ID card
  • Health insurance card (not a Medicare card)

Despite the fact these identities are not highly preferred; you can still get the social security card with the help of these. You have to ensure the proper details, and focus on providing the main identity mentioned before. These things will be helping you out and avoiding all the issues with ease.

Proving Age

If any of the documents have the wrong age, then they may ask for identities to prove your age and it is necessary that you provide them with the required documents as soon as possible. They mostly ask for the below-mentioned identities to ensure your age or birth date –

  • Birth certificate;

If you don’t have a birth certificate because you lost it or haven’t applied for it, then you can use alternative IDs. The below-mentioned documents can help to avoid the trouble –

  • Any Religious record or identity made when you were below the age of 5-years to ensure your birth year and date.
  • They may accept the United States’ hospital record about your date of birth
  • You can show the existing U.S. passport
  • Long term residency of any other country can help to prove your age.

There is no doubt that you have plenty of documents to help, but they want to verify that what other documents are saying. They will match the dates, and if everything is okay, then they will proceed for a new social security card.

Citizenship Verification

They may ask you to prove the citizenship, and they want to ensure that how long you have been living in the same country. To verify, you have to provide some of the old documents. The below mentioned are some major documents which can fulfill the need with ease –

  • Passport made by U.S. government
  • A birth certificate made in the U.S.

These are some necessary documents which can fulfill the need and you have to get these as soon as possible to prove your birth in the same country.

They will accept your documents as if you prove to be a US citizen. If you have been living in any other country from long and now, you are back to the US, then you have to provide other documents. The below mentioned are some other documents for immigration reports which can help –

  • I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
  • Admission Stamp in The Unexpired Foreign Passport
  • I-766 Employment Authorization Document
  • EAD
  • Work Permit

By providing these documents, you are ready to get the social security card. Keep it in mind that you prepare all the documents and this method will fulfill the need.

Changing Name

In case, you don’t want to request a new one and want to correct the name in original one then there are many methods. The first thing is, you have to complete the form SS-5, and they will ask all the current identities. They can also require the marriage documents, divorce decree, and other details. Such things can let you get a new social ID with the name correction.

It will take a little time, but you will get the ID with a new name, and corrected address also. You have to provide the original documents, or they can require you to provide copies, but those must be verified and from a trusted agency. Make sure that you don’t apply with photocopies because these are not accepted anywhere.

Bottom Line

You have to apply for a social security card in case of losing it. Make sure that you prepare all the documents in advance otherwise you can end up getting into issues in the future. Hope, this guide will help by providing all the necessary details and avoiding the issues with ease. In case you don’t know much about the replacement then you can contact a local agency and eradicate this issue easily.

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