Change in Your Aadhar Details online? Here’s How to Make the Changes on Your Aadhar Card Too

What is an Aadhar Card?

The concept of the Aadhar card in India is very similar to the one social security number concept in the United States. The Aadhar card is a government document that serves as identity proof and address proof. Each and every Aadhar card has a unique 12 digit number. The Aadhar card can only be used by an individual and not by a family. Every individual has to get his own Aadhar card made. If you haven’t already applied for and received your Aadhar card, it is about time that you did. Without this document, a lot of basic things like opening a new bank account, get a new mobile number and passport application are not possible.

Who Is Eligible For an Aadhar Card?

Any citizen of India, irrespective of caste, gender, religion or age is eligible to apply for Aadhar card. Senior citizens, infants, children and adults alike are eligible to apply for an Aadhar card. If you need to apply for one, you can visit your nearest Aadhar enrolment centre to get the job done.

Can Aadhar Application Be Made Online?

Unfortunately, the Aadhar application cannot be made online and one has to visit the nearest enrolment centre. The reason why one cannot make an online application is because the Aadhar card requires the applicant to submit his biometric profiling. This profiling includes the finger print and retina scan. In order to give this biometric information, one needs to visit the centre. When making an application for your Aadhar card, you will need to submit self-attested copies of other identity and address proof. These can include your driving license, passport, bank statement, PAN card and so on.

Can One Get A Duplicate Aadhar Card In Case Of Loss?

If you have recently lost your Aadhar card, you can get a duplicate one online. In order to make an application for a duplicate Aadhar card, you can log onto the Aadhar card portal. Here you will have to submit your enrolment number or Aadhar number in order to have the eAadhar card duplicate copy sent to you. You will be required to fill in your personal details, OTPs will be sent to your mobile phone and once you have entered the OTP into the box on the Aadhar portal, you will receive your Aadhar card duplicate via email and as a PDF file. This file will be a password protected one and the password for the same will be your area’s pin code.

Aadhar Card Validity

The Aadhar card is a document that is valid for the lifetime of the holder. This card doesn’t have an expiry date like the license or the passport. However, in the event that your personal details change due to marriage or change of mobile number or change in address, you will have to get those details changed in your Aadhar card too. Let’s now discuss how to change the personal details of your Aadhar card:

Changing Personal Details on Aadhar Card

There are two ways that you can change your personal details on your Aadhar card. In the event that your mobile number needs to be changed on the Aadhar card, you will have to use the postal system method of change. If you need to change your address, name and other details, you can log onto the Aadhar card portal to make the change. Both methods are simple and hassle-free. You will receive the update in a few days after submission of update form.

Postal System Method of Changing Information On Aadhar Card

In order to use this method of change, you need to download the Aadhar update form and print it. Fill in the fields that require change. You need to ensure that the form is either filled in English or in the local language that was used at the time of making of the Aadhar card. Attach self-attested copies of the documents that serve as proof of the change. Put the form and documents in an envelope and mention “Aadhar Update / Correction” on top of the envelope. Mail the envelope to the UIDAI centre. Your documents will be verified and upon verification your Aadhar card will be updated and posted back to you on your residential address.

Online Change Method

  • Log onto the Aadhar portal.
  • Hit the button for Aadhar update
  • Fill in the required text and information and then hit the “get OTP” button.
  • OTP will be sent on your mobile phone or email address.
  • Punch in the OTP in the given box on the Aadhar portal and hit login.
  • An Aadhar update form will appear.
  • Here you need to fill in the form.
  • Print out the form, enter the fields, scan the filled form and upload it back onto the portal.
  • BPO Service Provider Selection page will open where you must select the available service provider in order to move forward.
  • An estimated time for update will flash on the screen. You will also receive a URN number to make it easy for you to track the progress of your Aadhar update.

Having an Aadhar card is beneficial for a plethora of reasons. You can open a new bank account with this single document. This is the reason you need to keep your Aadhar details updated. You can even get your LPG subsidy transfer directly into your bank account by linking your Aadhar card and your 17 digit LPG consumer number. Without your Aadhar card, you will no longer be able to make a passport application or get a new mobile connection. Producing your Aadhar card has become mandatory for most government related processes. The linking of the Aadhar card with the PAN card is also necessary for the purpose of income tax payment. Linking of the PAN and Aadhar cards was introduced to curb the use of black money. The Aadhar card is a document that serves as identity and address proof. If you haven’t already got yours, apply for one at the earliest.

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