Bail Bonds Myths You Must Dismiss for your Business

People, out of impulse, often end up making bad decisions that prove detrimental to them, as they land up behind the bars for days. Again, the rate of crime in Franklin, Ohio is 8 percent more than the US average.


Recently, thieves shattered a U-Haul van in Ohio, smashing the glass of a storefront and stealing luxury goods worth $150,000. All of this shows that crime prevails in the country, and when, people find themselves in jail, they look for a bondsman to get out of prison and return home. Then, there are many myths surrounding bail bonds. Here are four of the misconceptions to dismiss:

 A bondsman can fiddle with the court bail

It is one of the greatest myths about bail bonds doing the rounds because an agent is never involved with the sum of money decided for bail by a court of law. The nature of the crime and the judge presiding over a case would determine the amount.

An agent cannot change or negotiate with what the court has decided on the bail money. Moreover, bondsmen work adhering to the laws of the land throughout this procedure. Of course, a reliable bondsman will help you get your loved one out of prison for a small fee.

A bondsman will solely accept cash payment

Though cash is the preferable mode of payment in Franklin County, Ohio, or for that matter any place in the US, a myth prevails that bail bond companies refuse other forms of payment except cash, which is not true. You can ask agents from Castle bail bonds Franklin County to figure out what payment modes they accept. In all probability, you can make cash and credit and debit card payments.

In case, when you have money constraints and cannot procure funds for the bail amount, inquire whether there are collateral options such as your car or any electronic items.

There is no legal obligation

It is important to bear in mind that when the bail is posted, an accused does not become free of legal obligations. Yes, the defendant person will get out of prison certainly, but he or she will still have a couple of legal responsibilities.

Make certain that you are aware of the court dates and the defendant attends the same. Else, your loved one would land up in a big legal soup and stay in prison for a long time. Therefore, do not miss the court dates at any cost.

A bail bondsman will get any person out of prison

Though reliable bondsmen try their best to get a defendant out of jail, legally they cannot decide to free an accused on bail. It entirely depends on the judge hearing the case, who might approve a bail plea. It is a possibility, yes.

If the crime is severe such as murder or rape, the judge will not approve bail, and in such a situation, a bail bond agent cannot help.

Will I Get My Money Back?

As a rule, you won’t get any of your cash back. In the event that you utilize a bail bond organization, the sum you paid is installment for their administrations.

On the off chance that you had a money security you may see a bit of that back after your condemning. The catch is that your bail sum will go towards any expenses you collected during the court procedure. This could incorporate open safeguard charges, fines, and court costs.

What Do I Need to Know to Get a Bail Bond?

On the off chance that you are assisting with rescuing a companion or relative, there are a couple of things you should know to make sure about the bond.

Ensure you know where the individual is in care, their complete name, booking number, and the specific measure of the bail.

On the off chance that you sign any administrative work you can be capable if the respondent doesn’t show up in court.

Look at this post from Amistad Bail Bonds for more data on how Bail Bonds work.

Are Different Bondsmen Different Prices?

For the most part, all bail bond organizations will charge 10 percent of the bail sum. These rates are state rule so they may fluctuate a touch of relying upon where you live.

In the event that a bail bond organization is attempting to charge you more than what you might suspect they should contact a contending organization. Both of their rates ought to be the equivalent.

Would you be able to Reduce the Bail Amount?

On the off chance that you have an inclination that your bail is set excessively high, you can document a movement to have it diminished. This is a stage you ought to have a decent lawyer to help you through.

Your lawyer will attempt to demonstrate that you don’t have the best possible money related intends to pay the set sum. They will likewise give contentions that give you will go to future court dates.

In case you’re not cautious, the adjudicator additionally has the ability to expand the bail sum or deny bail out and out.


When your loved one or friend is behind the bars, professional bondsmen are there to help and get him or her out of prison. That is what matters and not the myths.

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