Crazy Things People Do in Their Spare Time

Have you ever done something crazy, not you just because you got bored? Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Here we have another list of things people do when they have absolutely nothing else to do or just really bored. So if ever you might look for other things to do when you have nothing else going on for you, you might find something you’d want to try out from reading this article!

Before we do, you might have already done these things, and it’s not that uncommon because people don’t notice the minor details. Here we burst that bubble open for you and share your secret to the world. Don’t worry; it won’t be that bad once you notice that more people do the same thing as you. So let’s get right on it!

Pay a company to kidnap you!

If you think this must be a joke, it’s not. Ultíme Réalité is a company in France that offers a real-life kidnapping service if you can pay their fee. The crazy part here is that they won’t do it immediately, but wait for a certain amount of time, so you forget that you paid someone to kidnap you! 

You might also think this would belong to another list like funny fun facts or something related to it. But remember, people do this thing because they are bored or want that thrill or experience. So be sure to read all the elements needed before getting yourself kidnapped, okay? So stay safe and choose wisely if you want to be captured by professionals!

Please do not get drunk and disorderly in Japan, don’t do it!

If you ever have the urge to get drunk in Japan and be rowdy, think again! The police have a specialized and effective system on how to deal with drunkards, and that’s rolling them up with a futon just like how you’d make a burrito! You will be in a lack of better wording, a human burrito if you act up.

The real question for me is, where do they find a futon right away to deal with drunkards anyway, do they have it ready inside their car trunks? Only they can answer that. 

People have sued or are suing God!

Okay, it might sound unbelievable at first, but there are people out there who have tried to sue God, and multiple lawsuits have already been filed. As for the reasons, people tried suing Him for the most outrageous things, from failing to keep the loved ones or themselves away from the Devil. Failure of not answering their prayers, and other harmful acts of God that have happened to the unfortunate people along the way.

It’s crazy to think people would go to such lengths of suing the almighty Himself for something that happened in their lives. Would He do such a thing, or is it that people can’t bring themselves up to blame themselves instead-but seek to blame others for their mistakes? Or there’s always the third option like they have nothing else better to do with their time or money.

A man hires a woman to slap him every time he would check Facebook!

Maneesh Sethi found a woman on Craigslist to slap him every time he would try to open Facebook. Yes, you read that sentence right. Sethi went to Craigslist to do so, not because he was bored, but he wanted someone with him while he worked and monitored his every move to be productive. This might seem off-topic, but the abrupt change in Sethi’s work ethics has proven that working with someone would increase your productivity rate more times than not.

The woman was paid $8 an hour, and she also could do her own thing while monitoring Sethi while he worked. Sethi used an app to track what he was doing on his laptop and noticed that he was only 38% productive for the week because of all the non-work related materials he has been doing. After the first day of hiring the woman, his productivity increased to an astounding 98%! So if you ever think you might need help in productivity, consider something like this.


If ever you get bored out of your mind, remember to always find something productive for you. It doesn’t mean it needs to be awarded money, but, at the very least, make it rewarding for you. You never know how productive you could be as time waits for no man, and you shouldn’t either. So always stay on the move as much as possible, remember that we only have one life so we better not waste it in doing things that we might regret in the future. It’s okay to reward yourself with something “crazy” once in a while, but don’t go overboard!

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