Important information About Uber Accidents

Did you know Uber, the ridesharing giant, got its start right here in the state of California?

But just because Uber was born here doesn’t necessarily mean California gives the ridesharing industry any special dispensations. In fact, California has more stringiest traffic laws than most other states in the nation.

It has only been in the last few years that ridesharing companies like Uber that operate in California have even been required to carry insurance to protect passengers involved in Uber accidents. And yet just because a ridesharing company carries such insurance doesn’t mean you will get a swift payout in full.

If you use ridesharing services occasionally or frequently, you need to understand what happens when you are involved in an Uber accident. This will help you take steps in advance to protect yourself if you are involved in a ridesharing accident.

Why Ridesharing Accidents Are More Likely to Happen

Just looking at traffic statistics in the state of California reveals the reason behind why ridesharing accidents are becoming more common on the roadways today.

When are ridesharing services in greatest demand? Often it is at night, after hours or on weekends, in densely populated urban areas. People who don’t want to pay for a traditional taxi service will call on ridesharing drivers to take them home after a night out with friends.

Uber drivers are also more active at odd hours like early in the morning when riders need to get to work. These hours are when roadway traffic is most congested and people tend to be impatient and impulsive.

With these statistics in mind, it makes sense in a way that there are more ridesharing accidents today than in past years. As ridesharing itself becomes more popular, this further contributes to the statistics as more drivers sign on to become contract drivers with ridesharing companies.

With more Uber drivers on the road, more passengers calling for rides and greater demand for rides at odd hours, after dark and on weekends, it is easy to see why the demand for experienced ridesharing accident lawyer teams is on the rise.

How You Are Involved in an Uber Accident Matters

There are several ways you may be involved in an Uber accident. The most common way, of course, is as an Uber passenger when your driver gets into an accident. The second most common way is when you are another driver on the road and you get into an accident with an Uber driver.

The third way is when you are a bystander who is harmed in some way as a result of actions taken by an Uber driver who gets involved in an accident. The fourth way, of course, is when you yourself are the Uber driver who gets involved in an accident.

If you are a ridesharing contract driver who gets involved in an accident, typically you will work out the details of your claim with the ridesharing company and the other driver directly.

But if you are a passenger, another driver or a bystander, it is quite likely you will need to retain the services of your own uber accident lawyer to successfully resolve your claim.

Why Do You Need a Uber Accident Lawyer to Assist in Your Accident Claim?

Right after you take the necessary steps to get through the Uber accident itself, it is a smart move to hire your own ridesharing accident lawyer right away.

Why is this? The reason is simple: even though Uber has a lot of money and is a billion-dollar company, they didn’t get that way by paying out instantly on every insurance claim that is filed. Uber won’t want to pay your claim and they will try hard to avoid it.

Meanwhile, you will be waiting to get the medical care and financial reimbursement to compensate yourself for injuries, damages and lost time as a result of the Uber driver’s actions.

You can avoid any delays by simply working with an experienced ridesharing accident lawyer right from the start.

Ridesharing accidents simply aren’t handled like ordinary traffic accidents. Uber drivers are contractors who are not required to carry commercial auto insurance. So your driver may or may not have any personal commercial auto insurance to compensate you if the ridesharing company fights the claim.

As well, if there is another driver involved and that driver is declared to be at fault for the accident, they may not have any auto insurance at all! If this happens (and it does far more often than people realize) you may be on the hook to pay all of your own expenses that arise as a result of the accident.

If Uber is only declared to be partially at fault, you may wind up splitting the claim between two or more insurers, spending double the time and energy trying to get reimbursed for your medical expenses, time off work and damages.

An experienced Uber accident lawyer can cut through all of this legal red tape and go to work to get you reimbursed and back to your regular daily life.

What to Do After an Uber Accident Occurs

Of course we hope this never happens to you, but statistics being what they are today, it is vital to know exactly what steps you should take right after being involved in an Uber accident.

1. The first step is always to call 911 and then the cops. You want to get medical care for yourself and anyone else who has been injured and you need the police to document what has happened and write up an official accident report.

2. The second step is to do your best to document everything if you are able to. Of course if you are on your way to the hospital you will have to rely on the official police accident report for this information.

3. If you are medically able to remain at the scene, exchange information with everyone else involved, including witnesses. Get the Uber driver’s information, driver license number, insurance information and license plate number. Get the same from the other driver, if any.

4. Contact Uber to report the accident and file your claim for reimbursement. Even if they fight you later, your Uber attorney can use this as proof of guilt later if your case has to go to trial for resolution.

5. Continue to document everything as you remember more. If you are shaken up or traumatized, it may take some time to remember the details of what occurred. Pay attention to how you feel since health issues like whiplash and back pain often start to arise hours or days following an auto accident.

West Coast Trial Lawyers Are Experts in Uber Lawsuits

If you or someone you love has been involved in an Uber accident, you are probably already starting to realize just how complex these situations can get. Ridesharing law is a rapidly evolving field of traffic law and only a handful of attorneys have the expertise to navigate such cases. Contact West Coast Trial Lawyers, your expert Uber accident legal team, to start the process to resolve your case.

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