Iphone 7 Armor Case: Amazing Liquid Design within Pre-Set Rates

Finding that right cover to match the majestic look of iPhone 7 is not that easy. Yes, the market has so many options already but going for that right find is tough. That’s why it is always important that you head for the best Armor case you can possibly find after doing your bit of research. Right now, there is a liquid Air Armor revolving around the market for quite some time and available in black and blue options. It comes with that liquid glaze, enhancing the value of your iPhone 7 to a whole new level already.

Iphone 7 Armor Case: Amazing Liquid Design within Pre-Set Rates 1

New and improved:

This improved and new type of liquid air  iphone 7 armor case can now spill with modernity really well. Yes, the looks are amazing and even the prices are quite budget friendly. Not just looks, but this case does its work of protecting the phone as its main priority. The cover comprises of premium matte TPU, which comes engraved with the latest triangle designs. It helps with extra shock absorption.

This case is noted to be scratch free and fingerprint free, providing that perfect glaze all time even when you don’t leave your phone alone for a second. The triangle feature helps with a slid grip. So, even when you are careless, your phone won’t be slipping off your pocket all the time.  The form fitted and that sleek look will definitely make your phone stand out in the crowd.

Get down to the features:

Unless you are sure of the phone’s features, making way for the right choice seems pretty tough. Well, not anymore when you have the features mentioned right away and in details, for your best buy.

  • The best feature of this liquid air armor cover is its premium matte finished TPU for easy removal and application.
  • The item is made form-fitted for maintaining that slim profile and also addressing that comfortable grip. Well, just because the armor case is form-fitted, that does not mean the phone will get overtly hot when used roughly. There is space for free air movement.
  • There are some modern patterns available, which are well engraved both out and inside, at the same time.
  • Another feature as mentioned already is its scratch free option. It means the surface region will be free from oily fingerprint mess and also scratches. So, if you have pets in your house, this case might be the right cover for your brand new iPhone 7.
  • The item comes with mil-grade protection. If that’s not enough, for that double protection, the manufacturer uses air cushion technology for protecting the corners mostly.

The sleek look along with patterned body will be the one to force people go for the armor case in itself. Along with that the additional features will work its way out for sure to attract more buyers. The cover comes with tactile buttons, making it easier for users all the time. Just go through all the available designs and then make way for the color variations as well.


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