A Secure Home for a Secure Mind

Whether you run a business out of your home/work from home for your employer or just use it as only your residence like millions and millions of Americans do on a daily basis, the idea of protecting you and your loved ones inside your home is first and foremost on your mind.

As has played out in the news all too often, home invasions can change one’s life and those around them forever.

Whether it is a simple burglary where a few things are taken when no one is home to being held captive in one’s residence, home invasions can be downright scary.

Now imagine if you run a business out of your home and an intruder breaks in while you are away. Important and expensive business products such as a computer, printer, fax machine and more can be gone in just minutes.

Security Doesn’t Have to Be Overly Expensive

While there was a day and age when you could pretty much go out for a few minutes or even hours at a time and not lock your doors, those times have all but vanished in much of the country. Even many folks who live way out in the country have learned that it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to home security.

Especially important for those running businesses from their residences, having the right security in place, be it an ADT Home Security set up or others could make all the difference in the world.

In the event you are planning on having a home security system installed, take the time to research the different providers, what they offer, and most importantly, what kind of reputation they have among others who have their products and services.

Don’t Skimp on Insurance Coverage

If you are looking to protect your home business and the equipment that allows you to work from your residence, not only look for the right security system, but also make sure that you are properly insured.

For as little as a few hundred dollars a year, you can protect your investments with a renter’s or homeowners’ insurance policy.

While running a small business out of your home may cost you a fair amount of money and/or you’re not getting a big return on your time and efforts, don’t skimp on insurance coverage just to save a few dollars here and there. Thinking you are saving money on coverage today could ultimately cost you more tomorrow if you’re the victim of a home burglary, fire or storm.

According to 2012 FBI data, one in every 36 homes nationwide can expect a break in, with the end result being an average loss of more than $2,200, totaling more than $4.5 billion in property losses.

With stats like those, is your home as secure as it can be, especially for those who also call home their office?

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as small business and crime.

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