The DOT is working hard on an MOT test to keep the roads safe

The ​MOT​ is an annual test that car owners have to get their vehicle through, post three years of it being on the road. It goes through the working of the car to see if there is anything wrong with the vehicle that could be fatal on the road. Every vehicle on the streets needs an MOT certificate otherwise the owner would receive fines and penalties.

With the recent mention of Brexit, people started talking about how they have been spending large amounts of money annually on the test, while it only goes through the basics of their car.

The examination currently covers the engine, which they test for the right amount of oil, coolant, and to see if it matches the emission standards. The other aspects of the test seem quite basic, the clarity of the windscreen, rust on the car and so on. Additionally, make sure all the lights are functioning properly, from the brakes to the headlights and indicators. They also check the lights on the dashboard so they are sure everything is functioning the way it should.

A recent poll showed that deaths in road accidents due to vehicle malfunctions significantly decreased in recent years. There are still accidents caused due to human errors but from the MOT test​ point of view, they believe their checks play a significant role. Others argue that these
issues reduced since we have significantly progressed with the design and development of vehicles that were designed three or four decades back. The technology in cars tells the driver if there’s anything wrong with the vehicle so they can be weary.

While discussing moving the MOT to other parts of Britain and the UK, one of the most significant changes being spoken about was upgrading it to handle more than just the basic tests. Although the conversation is still in the initial phases, some of the new tests would include tires and checking the threading of the wheels. The tires have to be properly inflated and their pressures in the range of their requirement. They also go through the proper functioning of the brakes of the car, from checking the brake pads to their working.

They also decided to keep with the times and go through some newer features of the car. Reverse lights and daytime running lights weren’t common on older vehicles but the newer models have them. They have to be running otherwise the car could be graded poorly through the test.

Since we are in the current stages where we have to do all we can for climate change, the new vehicles being manufactured are supposed to follow environmental standards in that regard. This means vehicles being driven have to follow the emissions standards laid down otherwise they
would be penalised. There is a lot of tech being added to assist with this as well. Additionally, rules are being formulated where people will not be allowed to take their vehicles into certain areas if they are above a particular age since they might cause higher amounts of pollution.

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