Why More Families are Choosing to Teach at Home?

Teaching kids at home whether through a print or online curriculum requires a commitment from the entire family through resources, time and dedication to getting the work done. The flexibility this approach provides for students is well-known and one of the primary reasons that parents make the switch as it allows their child to learn at their own pace without the pressures of keeping up with 15-20 other students in the classroom. They are able to focus on their studies, learn directly from the parent’s instruction or the certified long-distance teacher attached to the online classroom.

teach at home

It is a well-known fact that students can learn at different paces but in a large classroom setting, the teacher has to find a happy medium even if that means some students are bored while others have to work extra hard to keep up. When you enroll in online home school programs that are accredited and offer a quality curriculum, students are guaranteed to receive an education that is better than what they may get at the local public school.

However, flexibility is not the only reason that families are looking outside the traditional formats. Bullying and school violence have become much more common and widespread than ever before. Safety is one of the top concerns and priorities for public and private schools while trying to maintain a balance with student privacy and creating a learning environment. Metal detectors, security personnel and random searches are just some of the policies that are now in place in hundreds of schools across the country and yet there is no guarantee that this will stop a lone shooter or a student who has a carefully thought out plan.

Instead of taking the risks, parents have chosen to enforce the requisite safety for their children by keeping them at home and ensuring this is not one of the distractions that affects their education. Local sports and community programs are used to supplement social activities so that kids can interact with their peers and enhance non-educational skills. Students are also in favor of this change because it allows them to direct their energy to completing their assignments and completing courses in a timely manner.

Another more recent environmental factor that has led to the increase of homeschooling families is the pandemic health concern that has touched every country on the globe. COVID-19 has drastically changed how school is conducted in the brick-and-mortar environment and while districts may offer a virtual option, this is not the preferred standard they want for most students. Families can choose to enroll in online homeschool programs that are accredited, designed for college prep, in alignment with NCAA-approved courses and offer a top-quality education for students of all ages. By doing this, parents can minimize the health risk to their children in getting the virus or becoming an unknowing carrier of this health issue. 

While individually or combined together these reasons may or may not be enough for some families to switch, providing a stable learning environment is important especially for younger children. Today’s world is in a volatile state with rules and guidelines changing on a regular basis so one of the best things a parent can do is give their student a normal routine from the start of the school year by taking advantage of the best online homeschool programs available in the country. Accreditation ensures the credits will be accepted by major colleges and universities and students can transition from one grade to the next with confidence in their knowledge of the information and create a path towards graduation without wondering whether they are going to be in a classroom or on the computer the next day due to an outbreak. The risk of uncertainty is greatly diminished as well as trying to decide on which school has the best environment when you enroll in online homeschool programs that keep students at home and focused on their education. 

In the early days of homeschooling, the primary reason that most families chose this route was to have more control over their child’s education and less influence from the public-school system whose curriculum was determined by the government. This influence hasn’t gone away but now there are even more reasons to consider taking your child out of the traditional school system and making sure they have an education that is going to benefit them in the future. Safety, health and flexibility are available for all students without having to totally disrupt the family dynamics. Take time to research the available online homeschool programs with options for part-time and full-time certified instructors who work directly with the students to teach and provide the necessary support. Technology is a great resource and has made it possible for parents to choose the best option for their student based on learning ability, personality, location and personal situations so that every child can get the education they deserve.

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