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How Uber Became a Transport Game-Changer

It will be nine years ago next March that a start-up named UberCab began operating. This venture, which was later renamed Uber, has become one of the most notable business stories of the 21st century, with the taxi service expanding into multiple other branches. Its business model of users summoning...


9 Years of Airbnb

When you think about accommodation for your next holiday what websites come to mind? You might check the local hotels in the area or maybe look on sites like Trivago but nearly always you’ll see what’s available on Airbnb before booking. It’s incredible that within 9 years, Airbnb have made...


The Airbnb for Office and Retail live in The Philippines

After Disruption Hits the Philippine Taxi Industry, a Startup Is Looking at Real Estate Options We are all aware of the changes that are happening in the taxi/transportation industry, thanks to companies like Uber and GrabTaxi. So how about another industry such as real estate? This time, Asian tycoons whose...