9 Years of Airbnb

When you think about accommodation for your next holiday what websites come to mind? You might check the local hotels in the area or maybe look on sites like Trivago but nearly always you’ll see what’s available on Airbnb before booking. It’s incredible that within 9 years, Airbnb have made this much progress, and completely transformed travel accommodation in the process.

No company plans on having 150 million users globally, and no matter how much business savvy a team has, there is no way to plan for something getting this big and there will always be teething problems along the way.

There have been many recent reports about Airbnb hosts being discriminatory in who they let stay in their homes and the company has had to deal with a lot of fallout relating to this. They are now testing for racial discrimination amongst their hosts which is a huge step forward.  Find out more in the infographic about key milestones in Airbnb’s journey.

9 Years of Airbnb 1

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