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7 Car Insurance Questions: What Happens After a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction upends your life. You will likely lose your license for at least several months, possibly longer. You may have to install an interlock ignition device on your car, which is a breathalyzer connected to the ignition. Before the vehicle can start, the driver must breathe into the...


What To Look For In Business Insurance

Business insurance is there to protect the assets of a company and to also provide legal protection for any injuries that occur on the business property. When searching for new business insurance, or updating your old contract, it is important to know what will get you the best deal for...


5 Tips to Obtain Car Insurance at Cheap Price

Every year we see the spurge in the car insurance rates.  For new drivers the rate cards are set even higher. If you are looking forward to buy car insurance, here we present to you some useful tips that will help in getting sound deductions on your car insurance prices....


4 Options for buying a car insurance plan that will work for your needs

A lot of car owners neglect the importance of getting a car insurance plan. Getting a plan that’s perfect for your needs and your budget is important in maintaining a car. Aside from being protected from financial liability whenever there’s an accident involved, you’re also covered  legally by the insurance...


The Beginner’s Owner Guide to Car Insurance

Now that you have your dream car, the next step is to maintain its performance and have it insured. Having car insurance is one of the important elements of auto ownership. Do you have any idea what is car insurance? Car insurance helps you get protected from sudden expenses because...